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Karen Keegan thought a national data base of shows for schools was long overdue.

The site brings together Karen and her colleagues', vast knowledge gained from teaching, from producing shows presented in schools and in theatres, from nationally touring and marketing them.

Karen's background spans television, teaching in several very different schools, managing school and family programs at the Arts Centre, Melbourne, touring shows into schools at Regional Arts Victoria, independently producing Australia-wide tours, and executive producing and establishing Short+Sweet events. She is a strong advocate for the importance of the arts in education.


To Luke Wigley and the great team at Mecca Medialight, Matthew Proctor, Peter Hood, Dora Burns, Campbell Burns, Andrew Jaspan, Marina Keegan, Michael Morris, Tom Buchan, Greg Hordacre, Karen Conrad, Sharon Maine, Mike Barber, Alister Smith

               Karen Keegan

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