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Finally, Term 3 finishes today for Vic and Qld.

18 September 2020

Kick back and relax!

One more week for everyone else.

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Thinking ahead to 2021

16 September 2020

One of our favourite incursions ever is Shaun Parker and Company's The Yard. It will be touring into Sydney schools in Term 1, 2021. It's brilliant from both an artistic standpoint and deals with issues of bullying in an authentic way, based on research in Sydney schools. The stories are set in the school yard. Told through dance/movement. It's outstanding. 

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Booked your show for Book Week? Lots of live and virtual options on SFS

15 September 2020

Lots of schools have rescheduled their Book Week events to the new Book Week dates in October. Now is the time to get in for Term 4 - it's booking fast.

Not sure about booking a live event yet? Why not try our many virtual listings? They have a # before the title as well as the word VIRTUAL. Should be easy to find or search.

Image: HELLO LIGHTHOUSE, Books to Life, live and virtual

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Now's the time to book your Christmas shows.

11 September 2020

With the pandemic, alot of students have not had the chance to see live shows. Term 4 is looking good in most states, so why not book your Christmas show now? Go here to see what's on offer.

Image:#BEST CHRISTMAS EVER, Carp Productions

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Bookings starting to flow again with new opportunities for schools and companies.

9 September 2020

A big thankyou to teachers who are now booking lots of events through us again. Even those beleaguered Victorian teachers are booking lots of our great virtual incursions.

A Victorian company was very proud to receive a VIRTUAL incursion booking for an NT school this week. A school they could never have reached with live performance. More of that, please!

It's fantastic that teachers are going to the effort of bookings events again in the light of the year we've had so far - and it's very appreciated by all our arts companies.

Image: The Little Wave by Pip Harry, Meerkat Productions live and virtual


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Lots of virtual offerings being added daily

4 September 2020

Schools anywhere in Australia have access to brilliant work both from local and interstate companies. The range is extraordinary!

Our online shows/workshops have an # preceding the title and VIRTUAL at the title end, to help delineate them.

See below for details and more.

image: In The ZoneShaun Parker and Co, either In-school or VIRTUAL

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1 September 2020

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Last Day of Winter

31 August 2020


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Book an incursion - live or virtually!

26 August 2020

Some companies are offering live shows and other shows virtually, a few companies offer the same show both live and virtually. There's plenty of great shows on offer - whatever your class circumstances. Some of our Book Week & Science Week offerings below.

Image: National Science Week in Schools

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25 August 2020

Australasian Dance Collective is offering their second FOCUS Workshop for Dance Teachers on 4th September. Hurry, only a few places left. Details here.

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Ok - start of the week.

24 August 2020

Beat that drum (or bin)!

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Qld SFS enews out today!

20 August 2020

Find out what's available both live and virtually.

Not a subscriber??? Go here

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