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Online Shows Still A Great Option

4 July 2022


Image: A Visit to the Laneway Theatre

Schools might choose to book an online show because

1. They are out of a main city or town

2. They don't have many students

3. Cost might be a factor - online shows are usually cheaper

4. The show they're interested in doesn't tour to their state.

This last was the reason a Sydney school, Hornsby North PS, booked Tim Ellis' A Visit to the Laneway Theatre'. The live shows are only available in Victoria.

This is what they said about it

"Our school is based in Sydney and we were able to enjoy a Zoom presentation by Tim Ellis. The students were totally engaged throughout the whole show and loved the way they were shown a few of the magic trick reveals. Would thoroughly recommend this incursion to any school. Tim was an excellent communicator as far as bookings were concerned and provided an extra bonus of link to some of the tricks, so that they can be shared at home."

Online shows on SFS are designated by a # at the start of their title.

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1 July. Half-way.

1 July 2022

This year, though with difficulties, is going so much better than the previous two.

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Latest Shows Added

1 July 2022

Check out some of our recently added shows below.

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Holidays for WA, NSW and ACT from today!

1 July 2022

They'll join NT, Qld and Vic. SA and Tassie have another week of school.

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Winter Equinox

21 June 2022

Days will be getting longer again - at last!

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Eat Your Vegetables Day

18 June 2022

Do we really need such a day? Surely everyone knows it's good to eat a range of vegetables? Enjoy some today and everyday.

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SFS enews out this week!

16 June 2022

Not a subscriber? Go here!

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Everyone had a sleep-in this morning except Queensland and WA

13 June 2022

They celebrate the Queen's birthday on different dates.

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New week, holidays in sight

6 June 2022

Now is the ideal time to make your bookings for the rest of the year. Simply go to our home page and Search for the best event for your students

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Last Day of Autumn

31 May 2022


We all know what's coming....

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Almost half way through the year!

30 May 2022

This year is speeding by as opposed to the last two years where time just stood still. 

Teachers are planning much further ahead again. Make sure you get your bookings in for any events for this year. 

Find the right show by using the search on our home page.

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Victorian Opera's The Selfish Giant

26 May 2022


Image: The Selfish Giant

Victorian Opera's innovative, even prescient, offer of online workshops and online performance attendance for remote schools, culminates in the performances today and tomorrow of this year's show - The Selfish Giant.

SFS is so pleased this company continues to make their excellent work not only accessible, but beautifully staged. it's such a relief to see such an approach In this time of short cuts.

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