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13 June 2024

After 14 years, we've built a new website for your delectation. Coming soon!

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Emus or Cassowaries - who'd win a fight?

13 June 2024

Imagine a bout between a Cassowary and an Emu -  two left overs from the dinosaur era.They are two of the three largest prehistoric birds left on the planet.

How do they match up? Well the Cassowary is heavier, it's claws extremely powerful and it's very protective of it's territory. It would easily win.IMAGE_OF_CASSOWARY.jpeg

But what would it win? It would win a one on one match up with an emu. But what of the sister species vs sister species? The emu is the hands down winner for adaptability. It roams the country, in fact the only territory it doesn't like is the dense rainforest preferred by the cassowary. That environment is getting smaller. In contrast, the emu's adaptability to a range of environments plus its speed makes it a brilliant survivor. 

Recall the Great Emu War of 1932. Australian military personel were employed to mow emus down with machine guns to reduce numbers on pastoral land. The emus outran and outmanoevred all attempts to control them. Go emus!

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Have you booked a Book Week incursion yet?

12 June 2024

Better hurry! We have great Book Week shows available in every state - have a look here.


Missed out? in Victoria? Go tangent - Tricky Nick Gets Booked our own magician and general debunker, Nicholas Johnson (image above)

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King's Birthday Awards - where were Arts and Culture?

11 June 2024

Arts and Culture are within the General Division category. Of the 737 honours awarded, 493 recipients were within the General Division (the other 33% are military and public service recipients).

But of those 493 recipients, a paltry 43 were awarded in the area of arts and culture (including architecture, libraries and community arts groups). That is just 9% of all award recipients. Even worse, only 17 of those are full- time professional artists, the others were recognised for philanthropic or community service.

However, these Honours are driven by peer nominations, so the flaw with this list lies largely with the sector itself. What has happened to arts and artists since the pandemic?

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Latest Shows Added

10 June 2024


Image:  Book Week 2024 - That Bird Has Arms - live and online, Books To Life, incursion (National)

Looking for the right show to enhance student learning? Simply Search our extensive offer of events for schools nationwide. Search by postcode, year level or curriculum area - or all three! (Note our online options have a title that begins with an hashtag #).

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Sleep in!

10 June 2024


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Only a few weeks to go until the end of term

6 June 2024

Of course, this depends which state/territory you're in. Term 2 hols begin variously from 21 June - 5 July, but nonetheless, they're in sight and now is definitely the time to get in any enquiries about events for Term 3 & 4. 

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1 June 2024


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National Reconciliation Week

30 May 2024

After the referendum, this year's theme, Now More Than Ever, resonates.

Schools play a vital part in extending intercultural understanding.

Thank you to all teachers who are reflecting NRW in their classes this week.


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Teachers are planners

29 May 2024

After the pandemic, teachers are booking ahead again. What's great to see is that Presenters are, too.

Complete Works' Framework of Ideas Workshop has finished for 2024, but you can already book for 2025!


Image: Framework of Ideas Workshop 2025, Victoria, incursion.

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National Volunteer Week

25 May 2024

Huge thanks to all the volunteers! Their work helps keep society going. It's amazing to think even emergency services in many rural areas are volunteers (firefighters, rescue brigades, ambulance).

Volunteering at school, going on excursions being available has always been so useful.

Keep it up everyone!

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International Arts Education Week

23 May 2024

Our two favourite things.

The Arts, in all the different forms, are an essential component of a comprehensive education for the full development of the individual.

Hear, hear!!

Our mission is to connect the arts and education sectors more sustainably and accessibly. So far, so good.


Image: A Sydney Dance Company workshop.

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