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20 November 2018

We're at that point where many 2018 events are finished and those for 2019 are being launched. Book early - is the secret to getting the shows you want, when you want them! Very happy to have Mashed Theatre offering shows in NT!

Image: In Between Two

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Dancers/Choreographers - extend your international experience

19 November 2018


Applications for the Tanja Leidtke Scholarship for 2019 are open now and close 14 December.

Open to Australian citizens aged 20- 35 years.

Scholarship includes return flights to Berlin and 3,000 Euros.

Go here for more information

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Happy Friday!

16 November 2018

Mid-November. The end is in sight!

Enjoy the last few weeks.

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Wow - 120,000 kids booked into our shows so far this year!

14 November 2018

Thanks teachers for going to the trouble of organising great experiences for your students. We appreciate you and your support of Shows For Schools! 

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Congrats to International Award-winning Dream Puppets!

12 November 2018

Victoria's Dream Puppets company has just won another international award in competition at the Shanghai International Puppet Festival this month. They beat companies from Europe, Asia and the Middle East to win the Visual Art Design Award. Congratulations!

This company of just two people - Richard Hart and Julia Davis, offer the Dreamer series of shows to Primary schools as an incursion. Lucky students to see such a credentialled company in their own school! There's even a Christmas themed Dreamer show - Dreamer's Night Before Christmas in Space (image above)


Shows For Schools is proud to be associated with a company bringing high quality perfomance to students at an affordable price.

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Melbourne Cup Today

6 November 2018

May a horse win. Enjoy the day, Victorians and all those who take a moment to celebrate and even wear a hat.

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Latest Presenter Profile for 2019

2 November 2018

Mandurah Performing Arts Centre is one of the most beautifully sited in the country. Every year they have an excellent range of events, including many for school students. Check out all their 2019 events here.

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Last month of Spring.

1 November 2018

Happy November everyone.

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Benefits of giving up your devices

31 October 2018

Researchers  studied a small group, only 50 people, who don't use smart phones or social media and asked them why. (Maybe there are only 50 in the UK!)

They saw three benefits

1. Spending time with others.

Actually being in the same physical space and interacting.

2. By switching off, they are not missing out.

Being connected on social media can be exhausting and be superficial. This group said they felt their connection to people and their world was deeper.

3. Being rather than doing.

Allowing the mind to reset and relax. To be prepared for stressful times. Constantly being on devices gobbles up spare time, while the blue light they emit can interfere with restful sleep.

I don't know how realistic it is to expect people will switch off their phones, but undoubtedly we'd all be better off if it wasn't a contstant activity.

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National Children's Week this week

25 October 2018

Hope you're celebrating it! Until October 28. 

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SFS milestone

23 October 2018

Last year some 108,000 students were booked into our events. We've already reached and passed that number! Thanks for supporting our events. We're thrilled!

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Creativity - the Big C and the Small c.

19 October 2018

Great article here on Creativity.

Many people think of creativity as being brilliant or innovative in the arts or sciences, or even just pursuing these disciplines as hobbies - these are what academics call the Big C Creativity.

They argue that creativity, the small c type, is what helps us solve everyday problems, consider options and make decisions.

They also argue that in training, teachers can be taught to ask particular types of questions to encourage creativity across the curriculum - to help students think creatively.

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Image: Julie Zommers Christmas Puppetry Interactive Performance &Workshop

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