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Teach Philosophy - Improve Naplan Scores

22 September 2018

We loved this article explaining how teaching philosophy is very economical to implement and has immediate impact on students' maths and literacy scores.

It teaches them to think broadly, problem solve and encourages creative approaches. It's called the fourth R - reasoning.

Burunda State High School in Queensland introduced Philosophy programs 5 years ago. In that time, their students' test scores have gone from well below average to above the mean in everything.

In the US, where they have entrance exams to law and other graduate degrees, philosophy majors had the highest scores. Even cooler, US Philosophy graduates have the highest earnings of non STEM graduates* - so those parents who wondered about their kid's employablility need not have been concerned - learning how to think does it every time.

Despite efforts in 2009 to have Philosophy included in the Australian National Curriculum, it hasn't been as yet, but Australian educators who see the benefits are including it.

Read the whole article here

*(STEM is an anagram for Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths)

Image: Yr 3 student doing a NAPLAN test.

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Last day of term in Vic and Qld

21 September 2018

Have a great break you guys!

One more week for everyone else....

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100,000 students booked into our events this year!

20 September 2018

Thanks for supporting Shows For Schools!

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24 Questions to Ask Before You Book a Theatrical Incursion by Laura Cooney

19 September 2018

Booking a live performance for your school is a big commitment. 

(Experienced arts professional, Laura Cooney, pictured left, provides you with a check list. Laura's own company The Playground Craze, tours into schools nationally)

Laura writes: 

There are many companies offering in-school theatrical experiences and they vary in price, quality and professionalism.  While you can never know for sure until you have actually seen the show, there are questions you can ask to find out if the incursion is the right fit for your school.

Here are some questions you can ask before you book.  Choose those that are most relevant to your situation.

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Chocolate milk aids recovery after sport

18 September 2018

Ok, with school holidays and summer looming, alot of us are thinking of getting fitter.

Here's a fun fact to sweeten your exercise program.

Trial data here


Don't drink alcohol though! Bad for recovery, repair and can contribute to swelling. Read all the bad news here 

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Last week of term for Vic and Qld!

17 September 2018

Want to book some events before the end of term but need advice re the best events to suit your program? You're welcome to contact us at

We'd be happy to help. No charge.

Image: The Playground Craze in Resilience Rocks - available nationally.

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Developing Resilience - Don't protect children from failure.

16 September 2018

Parents and teachers often try to protect children from the consequences of failure, but in doing so, the children don't learn resilience. The old adage is true. We learn from our mistakes.

Here are a few suggested approaches

1. Don't protect children from low-risk natural consequences.

2. Use the experience of failure as a chance to grow and learn.

3. Remind the child that negative emotions come with failure and that's ok.

4. Give praise for effort but don't give inflated, untrue praise.

More details here

Interested in events around Resilience? Check out what's available on SFS here

Image: #GoodEnough, incursion (VIC)

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15 September 2018

In Victoria? Check out The Odyssey - a 12 hour marathon. Come to 2 hours or 12. Bring a blanket and a picnic. And it's FREE. One day only. 

In Sydney or Perth? Looking for an end of year excursion?  Climb the 91-Storey Treehouse!

Image: The Yard, Shaun Parker and Company

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End of year celebrations

6 September 2018

As always, it pays to book early if you want a performance for a specific day. We have some Christmas themed shows and everyone wants them on the same days! Book now to get your first choice.

Christmas themed shows

Image: Christmas Puppetry Interactive Performance & Workshop

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Favourite show images of 2018

5 September 2018

We have an occasional series celebrating some of our favourite show images, there's so many to choose from.

We love this pic of The Season by Nathan Maynard. Sadly, finished now.

Find the perfect show for your students by using our Search.

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September. The end of Term 3 is near.

3 September 2018

If you're looking for an event to brighten the end of this term or next, please book soon. Many teachers are already planning well ahead and booking for 2019 already.

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Spring at last!!!

1 September 2018

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