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24 Questions to Ask Before You Book a Theatrical Incursion by Laura Cooney

19 September 2018


 Here are some questions you can ask before you book





The Show

  • What is the duration of the performance?
  • How many performers?
  • Which age groups is it appropriate for?
  • Does it contain any explicit content or language?
  • How long has the show been running?
  • What have other teachers said about the show?
  • Do you run a Question and Answer session after the performance?


  • How does this show relate to the curriculum?
  • Do you provide Lesson Plans and Teacher support?
  • How do we integrate this performance into the classroom?
  • What kinds of resources do you provide? Music, Videos, Worksheets, Photos etc?


  • What is the price?  Is it a flat rate or per student rate?
  • Do you charge GST?
  • Do you charge a deposit?
  • When do you expect final payment?
  • Can we pay by cheque, electronic funds transfer, credit card etc?


  • How much space do you need? How high does the roof need to be?
  • Do you require access to power?  Is a normal power plug ok?
  • Where will you need to park your vehicle?
  • Do you require a blackout/total darkness?


  • Do you have a written Risk Assessment for this show?
  • Do your performers have Working with Children Checks?
  • Do your performers have Public Liability Insurance?
  • What happens if the Company or the School needs to cancel?


There are so many great groups providing wonderful experiences for schools.  With a little bit of preparation and good communication you can ensure you find exciting and engaging incursions for your students.  Shows for Schools is a great place to start!

 About the author:


Laura Cooney, and colleague, in The Playground Craze.  They use pop and hip hop music to share important messages with primary school students about topics like Confidence, Resilience, Persistence and Kindness.  Check out their show ‘Resilience Rocks’

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