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Planning incursions for special days

26 August 2017

Image: Australia Playhouse's 2017 Primary school show above. The same actors do a secondary school show, in 2017, Great Scott Fizgerald! Gatsby Unleashed. Bookings are open for their 2018 shows now! Get in early.

We're finding schools are increasingly nominating a special day, then trying to book events to have on the day.

That's not the best way to find the best show. At SFS we suggest picking the date first only if you're booking a year in advance, otherwise, why not find the show, get the date and work around that?

Many of our in school touring productions are one team of people touring Australia, so getting into their schedules early is the key to getting the date you want. If you're not early with your booking, please be flexible about the date.

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