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Attracting teachers to rural schools - time for a rethink

7 September 2017

Attracting to teachers to rural schools has been a long term problem in Australia. This challenge was mentioned in the NSW Parliament in 1904. There have been several reviews over the years, to suggest strategies, the last of which was in 2004. Solutions are tricky. Try incentives, but this works for a short time, the incentive is gained, then teachers return to the city.

Students in rural schools, therefore, are less likely to have access to a good education.

In March this year, the government announced an independent review into regional, rural and remote education.

It's time to think of a fresh approach. Nothing has worked for over 100 years. One suggestion is to elevate rural teaching to a specialty in it's own right, akin to specialising in rural health. Read More

Image: Gladstone HS, South Australia

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