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Shaun Parker Company's THE YARD

20 May 2018


The impact of the show is immediately obvious from the questions and comments students make during the Q&A that follows. Although there is no dialogue in the show, students immediately recognise the dynamic between the bully and the bullied and are quick to empathise with the victim. The moment when one member of the group offers a hand to the victim is a major turning point in the show and a gesture that is not lost on the audience.
Since 2017, Shaun Parker and Company has captured the audience response through a short survey and has found that while 22% of students admit to having bullied at some stage, 95% said that after seeing THE YARD they would not bully again. The majority of the students also said they felt more resilient towards bullying. 
This show is a quality event on every level. Artistically, it's beautifully made, as well as having a strong, authentic message.
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