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Improve Yr 7 attendance rates - finish high school

14 May 2018

The Smith Family have released a study of 30,000 Yr 7 students from low-income families. They've proven the connection between improving Yr 7 attendance rates and finishing high school. 

Learning for Life is a Smith Family program providing resources for students from low-income families numbering more than 38,000 students nationally. These include "a biannual payment, a program co-ordinator who works with the family, and access to a number of other specific programs. These include targeted literacy and numeracy programs, after-school learning clubs, mentoring and career activities, and training in digital and financial literacy for parents or carers."

The students' progress is being monitored through research.

Research into educational approaches is necessary to confirm which policies are best - a novel idea! It is already clear that investment in early childhood education and tutoring of adolescents work. How fantastic to have this research to show it.

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