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16 October 2018

We're at that point where many 2018 events are finished and those for 2019 are being launched. Book early is the secret to getting the shows you want, when you want them!

Image: The Odyssey: An Adventure Marathon

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All Australian Schools now in Term 4.

15 October 2018

Enjoy the run to the finish!

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International Day of the Girl Today

11 October 2018

Equal pay, equal rights, equal opportunity, countering ingrained bias- we still have a way to go. Days like this are great to highlight the reality and influence policy.

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Vic and Qld - Welcome to Term 4!

8 October 2018

Everyone else - enjoy your last week of holidays.

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Watt a triumph!

5 October 2018

Go to Watt in the Melbourne International Festival of the Arts.

One man on stage telling the story of Watt, one of Beckett's lesser known novels.

Adapted and performed by Barry McGovern. It's simply superb.

Playing now to Sat 13 October, Arts Centre Melbourne. Details

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Melbourne International Festival of the Arts now on!

4 October 2018

Lots to see and do in this year's festival.

Go to here to see all. Our marketing coordinator, Issy, is going along to Watt tonight. We'll let you know her opinion.

Image: Prize Fighter

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In Perth? Get along to the AWESOME festival.

3 October 2018

On until 12 October.

Book tickets here

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All Australian Schools on holidays this week.

1 October 2018

Enjoy your sleep-ins!

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Benefits of giving up your devices

24 September 2018

Researchers  studied a small group, only 50 people, who don't use smart phones or social media and asked them why. (Maybe there are only 50 in the UK!)

They saw three benefits

1. Spending time with others.

Actually being in the same physical space and interacting.

2. By switching off, they are not missing out.

Being connected on social media can be exhausting and be superficial. This group said they felt their connection to people and their world was deeper.

3. Being rather than doing.

Allowing the mind to reset and relax. To be prepared for stressful times. Constantly being on devices gobbles up spare time, while the blue light they emit can interfere with restful sleep.

I don't know how realistic it is to expect people will switch off their phones, but undoubtedly we'd all be better off if it wasn't a contstant activity.

Read the article here

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Happy Spring Equinox Everyone!!

23 September 2018

Longer hours of daylight - yes!

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Teach Philosophy - Improve Naplan Scores

22 September 2018

We loved this article explaining how teaching philosophy is very economical to implement and has immediate impact on students' maths and literacy scores.

It teaches them to think broadly, problem solve and encourages creative approaches. It's called the fourth R - reasoning.

Burunda State High School in Queensland introduced Philosophy programs 5 years ago. In that time, their students' test scores have gone from well below average to above the mean in everything.

In the US, where they have entrance exams to law and other graduate degrees, philosophy majors had the highest scores. Even cooler, US Philosophy graduates have the highest earnings of non STEM graduates* - so those parents who wondered about their kid's employablility need not have been concerned - learning how to think does it every time.

Despite efforts in 2009 to have Philosophy included in the Australian National Curriculum, it hasn't been as yet, but Australian educators who see the benefits are including it.

Read the whole article here

*(STEM is an anagram for Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths)

Image: Yr 3 student doing a NAPLAN test.

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Last day of term in Vic and Qld

21 September 2018

Have a great break you guys!

One more week for everyone else....

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