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“Art is a social practice that helps people to locate their truth.” Ai Weiwei

23 March 2018


Image: Crystal Ball by Ai Weiwei

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SFS E News out this week

19 March 2018

Check out some great events. Spark ideas for your teaching. To receive a copy, just subscribe here

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Interesting political times ahead

18 March 2018

With the Liberal Party taking SA and the Labour Party surprisingly taking the Melbourne seat of Batman in a federal by election, electors aren't being predictable. 

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Happy St Patrick's Day!

17 March 2018

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Melbourne's Festival of Live Art Starts Today.

13 March 2018

It runs until March 25.

Details here

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Long weekend for some

10 March 2018

For those in ACT, VIc, SA, Tas, you can look forward to a long weekend. No work Monday. The holiday celebrates the 8 hour day or Labour Day though in SA it's just called March Public Holiday. How odd.

For those in the other states, holidays are on the horizon with Easter looming...

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Leadership in Brighton

7 March 2018

Last week, Shows For Schools went along to Brighton Primary in Melbourne. Experienced presenter, Tim Powell (pictured above), was there for the day running three sessions on Leadership, Resilience and Anti bullying.

What a brilliant idea to bring in an expert. Not only is Tim a teacher and a counsellor but he’s a gifted presenter .  The school decided on this format because according to Gr 6 Team Leader, Kerry Sayer,

"We booked a whole day due to scheduling on our end- a very busy school."

 I sat in on the Resilience session. Teachers wanted it to run 1 hr 40, to fit the timetable, a little longer than usual. It wasn’t a problem for Tim. With the range of video, photos, power point, speaking, drama activities, he kept the students interest and taught them ways of thinking that I’m sure will stay with them (and me).

Teacher feedback was

.. "the presenter was very engaging and the games supported the lessons and values he was trying to convey. He tailored it well to support our leadership process as well as social issues we have been having in the cohort."

And most importantly - "The students thought the games were great."

Tim offers 5 different workshop/presentations and can adapt them to suit your needs. Check them all out here.

Image: Tim Powell at Brighton Primary 

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1 March 2018

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Adelaide Festival Starts On Friday

28 February 2018

Another great line-up in this year's Adelaide Festival, with Kids Weekend as well, this Saturday and Sunday as part of Writers Week.

It's all happening in Adelaide!

Image: Robert Lepage's Far Side of the Moon

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February bookings bonanza for Shows For Schools

24 February 2018

Bookings have flooded in in February - more than 20,000! Thanks for your support. That's why we're here - we want to help you find the right show for your students.

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Benefits of giving up your devices

23 February 2018

Researchers  studied a small group, only 50 people, who don't use smart phones or social media and asked them why. (Maybe there are only 50 in the UK!)

They saw three benefits

1. Spending time with others.

Actually being in the same physical space and interacting.

2. By switching off, they are not missing out.

Being connected on social media can be exhausting and be superficial. This group said they felt their connection to people and their world was deeper.

3. Being rather than doing.

Allowing the mind to reset and relax. To be prepared for stressful times. Constantly being on devices gobbles up spare time, while the blue light they emit can interfere with restful sleep.

I don't know how realistic it is to expect people will switch off their phones, but undoubtedly we'd all be better off if it wasn't a contstant activity.

Read the article here

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Don't you love Ken Robinson's first Ted Talk?

18 February 2018







Firstly because what he says and how he delivers it.

Secondly because it's about schooling and creativity.

Thirdly despite being about schooling, it's the most popular Ted Talk ever, with close to 50 million views!

Some Ken quotes:

Creativity is as important as literacy.

If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original.

Check out all his Ted Talks here

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