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Time to settle in until the end of Term 1

14 March 2017

All the March Public Holidays are over now. A month or so until the end of term, depending on where you are. Heads down everyone. What shows would you like? We can help. Just contact us.

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Public Holiday in SA, Vic and ACT tomorrow!

12 March 2017

Sleep in!

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End of the week!

10 March 2017

Put your feet up and find a great event for your students on SFS

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7 March 2017

(image: The Moon's A Balloon, Patch Theatre Company)

PATCH THEATRE COMPANY, based in Adelaide, one of our most long-standing, excellent companies specialising in work for children 3-8 years is currently seeking a new GM/Exec Producer.

This is a very exciting opportunity to work both on a national and international level. Applications due by March 20.

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First Day of Autumn!

1 March 2017

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Thanks to you - over 20,000 students booked into our productions this year

28 February 2017

As of this afternoon, it's now over 21,000!

Thanks for your support of SFS and our fantastic presenters.

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24 Questions to Ask Before You Book a Theatrical Incursion by Laura Cooney

27 February 2017

Booking a live performance for your school is a big commitment. 

(Experienced arts professional, Laura Cooney, pictured leftt, provides you with a check list. Laura's own company The Playground Craze, tours into schools nationally)

Laura writes: 

There are many companies offering in-school theatrical experiences and they vary in price, quality and professionalism.  While you can never know for sure until you have actually seen the show, there are questions you can ask to find out if the incursion is the right fit for your school.

Here are some questions you can ask before you book.  Choose those that are most relevant to your situation.

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Enjoy your Sunday!

26 February 2017

As usual, teachers don't stop thinking about work. Several bookings in today. Now they can sit back.

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How playing to Western Desert kids changed Brass Bedlam

23 February 2017

This is one of our favourite stories from last year. We're republishing in case you missed it.

Katy Addis from the duo Brass Bedlam, sent us this story. Katy and her husband Bernie are Brass Bedlam (pictured above, performing their show at Haast Bluff School). They're both current music teachers, have played in prestigious orchestras and take a day a week to take their music into other schools. A couple of years ago, they took a year off and toured Australia...

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Our first SFS enews for 2017 out this week!

21 February 2017

Like a copy? Just subscribe here.

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What's coming to town?

14 February 2017

There a quite a few shows touring into theatres around the country and also some incursion groups who do interstate tours. One switched on teacher in Whyalla heard the Indonesian puppet master, Sumardi (image above) was going to another local school and contacted us to squeeze his school in, too. Piggy backing is the way to go!

How do you know what's coming? Do a search on our homepage just by your postcode, for both incursions and excursions.

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Explore new horizons with Black Swan in 2017

5 February 2017

Insights from new Black Swan Artistic Director, Clare Watson  (Image: The Lighthouse Girl)

Black Swan’s 2017 season is full of laughs and gasps. Discover new possibilities, celebrate the rich creativity of highly acclaimed artists and playwrights, and uncover hidden treasures and magical stories with WA’s State Theatre Company. The  season is bursting with memorable learning experiences. 

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