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Adelaide Festival Starts On Friday

28 February 2018

Another great line-up in this year's Adelaide Festival, with Kids Weekend as well, this Saturday and Sunday as part of Writers Week.

It's all happening in Adelaide!

Image: Robert Lepage's Far Side of the Moon

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February bookings bonanza for Shows For Schools

24 February 2018

Bookings have flooded in in February - more than 20,000! Thanks for your support. That's why we're here - we want to help you find the right show for your students.

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Benefits of giving up your devices

23 February 2018

Researchers  studied a small group, only 50 people, who don't use smart phones or social media and asked them why. (Maybe there are only 50 in the UK!)

They saw three benefits

1. Spending time with others.

Actually being in the same physical space and interacting.

2. By switching off, they are not missing out.

Being connected on social media can be exhausting and be superficial. This group said they felt their connection to people and their world was deeper.

3. Being rather than doing.

Allowing the mind to reset and relax. To be prepared for stressful times. Constantly being on devices gobbles up spare time, while the blue light they emit can interfere with restful sleep.

I don't know how realistic it is to expect people will switch off their phones, but undoubtedly we'd all be better off if it wasn't a contstant activity.

Read the article here

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Don't you love Ken Robinson's first Ted Talk?

18 February 2018







Firstly because what he says and how he delivers it.

Secondly because it's about schooling and creativity.

Thirdly despite being about schooling, it's the most popular Ted Talk ever, with close to 50 million views!

Some Ken quotes:

Creativity is as important as literacy.

If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original.

Check out all his Ted Talks here

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Police in Schools

16 February 2018

Victorian Opposition Leader, Matthew Guy, has touted a police in schools policy to counter youth crime. Victorians might be surrprised to hear youth crime has actually decreased, but convincing Victorians there is a crime wave could be a valuable political tool as Victorians face a state election later in the year.

So, do police in schools work? It depends on the model. If we use the UK model, then yes, it can be effective using police to be preventive, to build trust with young people and help identify students at risk. The US model is a disaster, focussing on discipline, even in classrooms. Let's hope Mr Guy doesn't have that model in mind.

Police in schools programs in SA, NT, Tasmania and Queensland are all closer to the UK model. Read more here

Image: A policeman in a Texas school

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Happy Valentine's Day!

14 February 2018

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Spare a thought for SA kids and teachers

8 February 2018

Yesterday was their first day back - 39 degrees in Adelaide. Today and tomorrow are again in the high 30's.

Keep cool guys!

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Our first 2018 e newsletter goes out tomorrow!

7 February 2018

Like a copy? Just subscribe here.

There's a different newsletter for each state/terrritory. We send out two per term only. We'd hate to be annoying!

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ACT back at school today

5 February 2018

It's interesting that ACT finish Term 1 on the same date as 6 states, but they start a week later. 

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Have a great school year!

30 January 2018

With kids from several states back at school today, we all think of the new ones. The preppies. In my household, there was such a build up that school couldn't possibly deliver. After his first day at school, which finished at midday, my son's comment was "is that all?"

Having just read an article about preparing your child for school here, I was reminded of the surprising advice given to me by my sister-in-law ( a Prep teacher, now a Principal). I expected her to say to say to make sure he knows the alphabet and numbers or some such.

She said " Make sure he can tie his shoe laces, can recognise his school bag and can unwrap cling wrap."

So practical. How can you function with independence if you don't have basic skills? Shoe laces are easier now!

Best wishes to all, teachers, kids and parents!

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Make the lunchbox safe

29 January 2018

Kids go back to school in most states this week. What do we do about packing lunchboxes when it's going to be hot? Bacteria in food multiplies alarmingly when not kept at the right temperature. It's not just in meat, but even on vegetables.

Before your child eats lunch, get them to wash their hands with soap for 20 seconds.

When making their lunch, here are some tips for you:

1) Wash your hands thoroughly before handling food. Use clean utensils and cutting boards

2) Use separate cutting boards for fresh produce and raw meat or poultry to reduce the risk of Salmonella

3) Cook food to the right temperature using a food thermometer

4) Chill perishable foods such as meats, eggs, cheese or yoghurt with at least two cold sources, such as freezer packs, to keep harmful bacteria from multiplying rapidly. Frozen juice poppers can also be used as freezer packs and by lunchtime should be thawed and ready to drink.

More on food safety here.

Have a great first week back!

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Take care as Southern and North West Australia boils!

28 January 2018

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