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Enjoy your first day of holidays, SA!

18 April 2016

The rest of the country is in school!

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Why can babies learn more than one language?

17 April 2016

Image: Irene Zaccari, CC BY-NC-ND

We know they can, now we know why. Apparently all languages on Earth can be distilled into 800 sounds. At birth, baby brains can distinguish all of them.

If babies are brought up in a monolingual household, their ability to distinguish the sound of other languages fades when they're six to twelve months old. ( Now I know why I was so bad at French)

It seems that babies from bilingual households are advantaged, rather than confused. 

Longterm, they're also advantaged, showing reduced cognitive decline in old age. Read the whole article from The Conversation UK.

Je suis, tu sei....

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Hippo!Hippo! coming soon

14 April 2016

Audiences from SA to Qld will have the chance to see the latest Garry Ginivan Attractions' production of There's A Hippopotamus On Our Roof Eating Cake, soon.

Melbourne schools - hurry - Karralyka in Ringwood is sold out. There are a few seats left at Clocktower Centre, Moonee Ponds. The two morning performances at National Theatre, St Kilda are sold out . There's a new show just added at 1.30pm - so plenty of seats there.

Adelaide schools - hurry - not many seats left at the Norwood Concert Hall. Details

Canberra schools - same, same - hurry - not many seats left at CTC. Details

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Blowing our own trumpet and thanking you!

14 April 2016

Teachers have booked over 30,000 students into our events so far this year. Thanks for your support!

You're always welcome to ask us for advice if you're not quite sure which show would be the most appropriate.

Contact us at

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Education and the Election

12 April 2016

It seems Education is going to be an important issue in the forthcoming election with marked differences in policy between the two major parties. 

Bill Shorten has announced full funding of Gonski and continued funding of Government schools, in contrast to Liberal Education policy so far announced. 

An excellent public education system is the foundation of a functioning and fair society, it's a pity we only have one of the two major parties who agree with that.

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Teacher Education - does it need reform?

11 April 2016

Was your teacher training valuable?

Interesting article in the conversation suggesting a 5 question framework as a foundation for teacher training. Read the article here

I did a one year teacher training last century and, on reflection, the content wasn't of any use to me once I began teaching. The most valuable experience for me, was doing the teaching placements during the year and getting the insight of teachers in those schools. 

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Last Day of Term for ACT, NSW, Tas and WA!

8 April 2016

Have a great break everyone.

We're so out of step with holidays around the country thanks to the early Easter and perhaps lack of communication between different state education departments.

The Vics and Qld schools go back on Monday for Term 2, meanwhile SA doesn't start their Term 1 holidays until April 15.

This mismatch is actually to the advantage of some arts organisations. Touring incursion shows don't have to have down time. Touring theatre shows can play school holidays in a number of states!

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Teachers hurrying to book Term 2 Events

7 April 2016

Teachers are always planning ahead and it's great for us at SFS to see what you're interested in.

For example, yesterday we had a couple of all day programs booked - Chinese Culture for a Day and Aboriginal Culture For A Day, some in-theatre shows - Romeo and Juliet, Snugglepot & Cuddlepie, There's A Hippopotamus On Our Roof Eating Cake,  2 Maths teachers booked Adventurescope Maths & Science Show, Latin languages were represented by Commedia Dell'Arte and Viva Mexico. Most bookings were from NSW ( who finish Term 2 tomorrow) but two were from Vic teachers ( who are supposed to be on holidays), one from SA, Qld and WA. It will be Tassie, ACT and NT's turn today!

Image: Romeo and Juliet

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Listening Place in Adelaide

3 April 2016

Another interesting project from CARCLEW in Adelaide, The Third Place listening sessions, celebrating National Youth Week.  The idea being a "third place" is neutral territory, so a good place for young people to get together.

Brienna Macnish, Carclew's artist in residence, has created an audio theatre work based on recorded interviews with young people who hang out at Ramsay Place.

When:  9 - 16 April, 2pm - 5pm daily,  Ramsay Place, Noarlunga Centre

What: Listen to the interviews ( about 20 mins) using Silent Disco headsets

Cost: Free

Check out more Carclew projects here

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The Story All Australian Kids Should Know

3 April 2016

SFS had the pleasure of seeing John Arbuckle from Hats Productions perform his one man show  THE STORY OF THE ROYAL FLYING DOCTOR SERVICE at Caulfield Grammar recently. 

"We've had John back every year for the last three years, to perform different shows for Yr 5 and Yr 7. It's greatly anticipated by the teachers because they know their students will really be engaged" L Barton. Teacher Caulfield Grammar

We loved it and so did the student and teacher audience. John is very clever in his presentation. Before the show, he meets with 10 selected students who perform additional roles ( there are alot of people in this story!). Even some of the teachers get a line. 

(Image: John Arbuckle of Hats Productions,  with his props, including many hats!)

Read more

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Why teaching is so hard. Some tips for new teachers

2 April 2016

Great article in the conversation about just how complex teaching is.

Experienced teachers - enjoy reading what you already know.

New teachers - it's not just you - it's the job!

Go here to read it.

Love the image - from

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April already - don't be fooled

1 April 2016

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