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Check Your Risk of Getting Cancer

7 March 2016

Obviously we all perform best when we're healthy, but teaching is one of those careers where it is very difficult to function effectively if you're not healthy. Some of us at SFS work from our sick bed if need be - an unlikely option for a teacher.

Check this interactive map in The Conversation to see what your relative risk is. 

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Turnbull Govt Worse For The Arts Than Abbot's

5 March 2016

The arts community was hopeful that under Turnbull's leadership, the strange policy of Arts Minister, George Brandis, under the Abbot Government, would be reversed and some logic restored to funding the sector.

Not only has that not happened, with increased cuts, the reality is the Turnbull Government is actually worse. Granted Turnbull is a less embarrassing speaker to have at your event, but he's done our sector no favours. 

Read the whole sorry story here.

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Teachers Planning Ahead

2 March 2016

Very impressed with a teacher from NSW who booked the Aussie Christmas show this morning for December. That's planning ahead!

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Here we are in Autumn already

1 March 2016

The end of Term 1 already looming. Time to book a great event for your students! Search here on term, year level, curriculum area, postcode. Easy to find just the right one for your kids.

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Extra last day of summer

29 February 2016

Enjoy our extra day. Happy Birthday to all those Feb 29ths.

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Love this quote from President Kennedy

16 February 2016

There is a connection, hard to explain logically but easy to feel, between achievement in public life and progress in the arts.

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Australian Teachers Sought After In UK

15 February 2016

Australian teachers are seen as resilient and determined in the UK - so very sought after. 

Read the whole article here

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Come On, Change Come Out

11 February 2016

After 40 years, iconic Adelaide children's festival, Come Out feels it's time for a name change. Interesting how meaning can be altered over time, isn't it? What name will last another 40 years?

SA schools are invited to submit entries here

Entries close Thursday 14 April.

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Happy Chinese New Year

11 February 2016

Dragon over Melbourne's Bolte Bridge. Thanks to our subscriber for sending it to us.

(Image: Peter Hood)

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SFS FEB newsletter out today with highlights and offers

11 February 2016

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First SFS news out next week.

6 February 2016

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Such a dedicated group

5 February 2016

Teachers are amazing. In January, when theoretically you're all supposed to be on holiday, teachers around Australia were obviously planning their programs for 2016. In January alone, teachers booked 10,750 kids into 2016 events on SFS.

It's impressive and also smart - the earlier you book the more likely you are to get the event day and time you want. Lots of new shows going up each day and we're always ready to help you choose. 

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