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6 February 2016

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Such a dedicated group

5 February 2016

Teachers are amazing. In January, when theoretically you're all supposed to be on holiday, teachers around Australia were obviously planning their programs for 2016. In January alone, teachers booked 10,750 kids into 2016 events on SFS.

It's impressive and also smart - the earlier you book the more likely you are to get the event day and time you want. Lots of new shows going up each day and we're always ready to help you choose. 

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Welcome back to school ACT, WA and SA

1 February 2016

Schools in ACT, WA and SA go back today, joining NSW, Qld, Vic and NT schools who went back last week. Tassie goes back on Wednesday.

Time to get the brain back into training.

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Where did the holidays go??

27 January 2016

Back to school this week for most states and territories. Hope you've all had a great break.

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Enjoy Australia Day Everyone

26 January 2016

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Friends Affect Your Health

25 January 2016

Maybe you've suspected this, but research suggests social networks spread disease. Here's an amazing stat - a US study of 12,000 people over 32 years, found if a close friend of yours becomes obese, the likelihood of you becoming obese increases by 171%.  And your risk of attempting suicide is four times higher if you have a friend who has tried to kill themselves.

Choose your friends wisely!

Unfortunately the positive impact of healthy friends is not so dramatic, but if you have a happy close friend, that rubs off on you, more than a happy spouse or child. 

Read the whole article here

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Potato Cake, Potato Scallop or Potato Fritter?

11 January 2016

Ok. It's summer. You're in the fish and chip shop. What do you call a potato snack deep fried in batter??

Well it seems it depends which state you live in. There's interesting research showing the regional differences in the way Australian English is spoken - and it's often on state lines or a divide between north and south. Potato cake is strong in Victoria and Tassie, but turns dramatically into a Potato Scallop at the NSW border.

Do you wear togs, bathers or swimmers? In the "south" - WA, SA, VIC and TAS bathers predominate, but in NSW it's definitely swimmers while in QLD it's very clearly togs.

Check out these fascinating linguistic maps of our language in the Conversation

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Back to work for most of us.

4 January 2016

Enjoy browsing in your holidays. There are some exciting additions from us this year. Stay tuned...

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Happy New Year!

1 January 2016

From all of us here, to you. 

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Merry Xmas Everyone!

25 December 2015

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Uberfication of Work - what it means to teachers

23 December 2015

Teachers on 11 month contracts, academics employed sessionally in 12 week blocks - this is the future ( which is  here but not 100% yet) of the "innovation agenda".  in fact, many middle class salary earners will lose any sense of financial security. How do you buy a house or car under those circumstances? It's being called "the uberfication of work" with everyone being shifted to piecework.

Is Malcom Turnbull's  innovation agenda another way of undermining the middle class? What will that do to our society?

Read this very informative but disturbing artlcle in The Guardian

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Don't Stream Immigrant Children

22 December 2015

A timely report from the OECD shows the gap between children of immigrants and those of their peers, is closing. This is an important finding in the light of all the Syrian children about to enter OECD education systems. They also found that children of immigrants performed better if they were in schools without streaming.

I found it surprising that England, Austria, Germany and the Netherlands have streaming entrenched in their schooling systems. We had that debate in education here many years ago and decided unstreamed classes were best for all. (Ed)

Read the whole article here

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