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Motivating children without reward or punishment

7 September 2015

Came across this interesting article saying that the ideal is to motivate children intrinsically rather than by reward or punishment ( extrinisically). Essentially it's about giving children (people) some control which leads to feeling happy.

Apparently happy people are more likely to behave. There are a few strategies suggested, too. Have a read here

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Talented Vic Music Students Need Apply

2 September 2015

Applications for the Margaret Schofield Memorial Scholarship are up on the Victorian College of the Arts  website. The scholarships are for students from Government schools who gain places to study Music at tertiary level at the VCAA.  There are two scholarships ($5000 each), one for students wishing to continue Performance studies and the other for those intent on following a Composition pathway. The deadline for applications is Friday 6 November.

 Go here for details.

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Win $500+ for your school

24 August 2015

Just enter Sing For Good and help charity at the same time. 

You can enter as a school with a group (more than two) of students, a group of staff. You can even submit a song you have already filmed!! There is $20,000 in CASH prizes for schools. It's a national competition, people vote for your entry and that's how you win. So upload something soon! Winners announced 3 November.

Details here

Donations raised help people in need through Creativity Australia’s With One Voice program.

There are lots of community categories. Check out brain cancer surgeon Charlie Teo and staff in an operating theatre sing I will survive!

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One Arts Teacher

21 August 2015

I met Deb Kampl (above) last week. She's the art teacher at Harrisfield Primary in Noble Park, one of Melbourne's poorer suburbs.

Read more

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Melbourne Festival Shows Selling Out

18 August 2015

Teachers have been quick to grab tickets for the Melbourne Festival at the low student prices. Only concession prices available now for 1984. There are still some tickets at $15 and $25 for The Rabbits. Check out the whole schools offer here

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Brass Bedlam a hoot

17 August 2015

SFS went along to watch Brass Bedlam at Harrisfield Primary on Friday - what a great show to teach and to entertain. There were lots of moments of fantastic musicianship interspersed with involving the students. It all flowed so seamlessly that we learned about the history of brass instruments and how different countries developed different types of brass music, while being thoroughly entertained.  

The success of the show was summed up by 2 comments:

1. A student was obviously inspired and asked about learning the trumpet 

2. Teacher Deb Kampl said "Even Jacob was engaged!" High praise. Jacob has learning difficulties and doesn't often focus on what is happening around him.

In fact, this was one of several performances/arts activities for the school's Arts Festa Week, organised by visual arts teacher, Deb Kampl. More on that tomorrow.

Read more about Brass Bedlam.

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National Science Week

14 August 2015

Schools across the country will be celebrating National Science Week, this week. Great that you can apply for a small grant ($500) to run an event. Details here.

Many schools have booked our science shows to springboard their studies this week. Think about a show for next year (13 - 21 August). Why not book it now? Some science shows on SFS. You can refine the search for your year levels.

Hope you all have a blast.

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Inclusive education - is it exclusive?

13 August 2015

Very clear article about how attempts at inclusion in education can actually be more about assimilation and even exclusion. Happily research demonstrates inclusion is actually best for all students. Read the article, by Kathy Cologon, in The Conversation here 

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Today's Trivia

12 August 2015

Do you realise the art is an anagram of threat? We found that interesting. 

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Get Singing, Win Cash Prizes for the School, Help Charity

10 August 2015

Sing for Good
Sing for Good aims to get communities singing for joy in every postcode of Australia and beyond. Schools, families, workplaces, sports teams… everyone is welcome. Cash prizes for schools.

Watch the Sing for Good highlights video 


1.       sing with a group (two or more)

2.       enter your video

3.       vote, donate + celebrate

There are heaps of categories, plus cash prizes for schools. Winners are announced at the huge With One BIG Voice concert at Melbourne Town Hall (3pm Sunday 8 November). Book tickets.

Donations raised help people in need through Creativity Australia’s With One Voice program.

Do good. Feel good. Register now at

Read more

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Melbourne Festival announced!

4 August 2015

With the brilliant theatre offering, 1984 to the award-winning The Rabbits, with the music and magic of Masquerade, this year's Melbourne Festival looks fantastic for schools. Great prices for schools too. Get in quick! Check out all the events here

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Congrats to the Helpmann Award Winners.

28 July 2015

Huge congrats to Barking Gecko, Opera Australia, Perth International Festival, Melbourne Festival for the fantastic production for children - THE RABBITS, winner of this year's Helpmann Award for Best Presentation for Children. Let's have more of these collaborations. It spreads the financial load and allows the creation of exceptional work. And it's good for everyone to work together nicely to achieve that.

The Rabbits will also be on during the Melbourne Festival. Go here.

For a full list of winners, go here

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