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Thinking ahead to 2021

29 October 2020

One of our favourite incursions ever is Shaun Parker and Company's The Yard. It will be touring into Sydney schools in Term 1, 2021. It's brilliant from both an artistic standpoint and deals with issues of bullying in an authentic way, based on research in Sydney schools. The stories are set in the school yard. Told through dance/movement. It's outstanding. 

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AFL Grand Final Day

24 October 2020

Poor old Victorians, with 2 Melbourne teams in their beloved Grand Final in Brisbane. It's just another blow they've had to suffer. At least a Vic team will win for them. Image: The Gabba, Brisbane

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Last day of Book Week!

23 October 2020

Hope it's been a fun week for you all. Because so many companies are offfering online options, if you haven't booked a show, check them all out here.

Image: Book Week in Schools, CBCA & Perform Education, incursion, live and virtual

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Happy World Statistics Day

20 October 2020

For some reason we find this amusing. 

We've had to listen to alot of "numbers" this year. We guess the day points out the usefulness of collecting and analysing statistics.

Here's a stat. This is only the second World Statistics Day. It started in 2010 and is every 5 years.

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One week of Term 4 for most students - Tick

16 October 2020

We hope you Victorians enjoyed the return to classroom learning.

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World Day of Disaster Reduction

13 October 2020

That would be good

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Back to school for Term 4 for NSW, ACT, SA, Tas, WA, NT and some Victorian students!

12 October 2020

Best wishes to all for a great Term 4.

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World Mental Health Day today.

10 October 2020

Mental Health -  we can all aim for it. Thinking of the toll Covid has taken on our mental health here and grateful that physically, most people have been spared the disease.

The beauty of nature has been a boon to those who have some nearby. Imagine walking down this road. Not that we can, given it's an autumn picture taken in Russia....

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Exciting news for students in Victoria - Back to the classroom!

9 October 2020

All Primary students will be back at school on Monday 12 October, as will Yrs 7,11 & 12.

On 26 October, Yrs 8, 9 & 10 return to face to face learning. Hang in there, you guys.

In the light of aerosol spread of Covid, music teachers have to be especially careful with choir, singing and wind instrument lessons.

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Bookings flowing again with new opportunities for schools and companies.

8 October 2020

A big thankyou to teachers who are booking lots of events through us again. Even those beleaguered Victorian teachers have found the energy to book lots of our great virtual incursions.

A Victorian company was very proud to receive a VIRTUAL incursion booking for an NT school this week. A school they could never have reached with live performance. More of that, please!

It's fantastic that teachers are going to the effort of bookings events again in the light of the year we've had so far - and it's very appreciated by all our arts companies.

Image: The Little Wave by Pip Harry, Meerkat Productions live and virtual


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Schools back for Victoria & Queensland this week

5 October 2020

Most Victorian teachers have a planning day today. Our best wishes for a more "normal" term

Queenslanders, of course, return tomorrow for another normal term.

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Awesome Arts Festival in Perth - only two more days!

2 October 2020

Closes October 4.

See whole program here

Image: The Nightingale, WA Opera, Sunday 4 October.

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