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Hurry to grab a special offer from Circus Oz

21 June 2015

Circus Oz has a brilliant show for Primary kids on in October in Melbourne

Called CURIOSITY . We've seen it and it's great.

Book before end of Term 2 and get the incredibly low price of $9.90 per student. (General Public price - $25.00)

On in their very own Spiegeltent in Collingwood. You can do a workshop with the Circus Oz trainers too. Details

We hope they tour this one nationally too.

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John Steinbeck - Writer of the moment on SFS

19 June 2015

"Teaching might even be the greatest of the arts since the medium is the human mind and spirit."  We used this great quote from Noble Prize Winner, John Steinbeck, in our June enews. 

Segue to Perth Theatre Company whose production of Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men is on in December. Don't miss the opportunity to see this masterwork.

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Over-confidence: not a good approach for students

18 June 2015

Although confidence is important in school, researchers have found students are unrealistic about their ability, in fact, overestimating it. As a result, they can take tests too lightly and take risks.

Interesting. Read the article here.

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World Elder Abuse Awareness Day Today

15 June 2015

It's sobering to think we need a day to highlight abuse of the elderly. Given the abuse is often by family members, it is particularly upsetting. In Australia, elderly abuse is mainly financial, apparently. Read what Gerard Mansour, the Commissioner for Senior Victorians, wrote.

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Sad to see shows finishing.

15 June 2015

We've seen some brilliant shows for school students this year - many of those for this term finished in the last two weeks - including ACO String Workshop performances from Adelaide to Noosa, to the fabulous 360 Allstars in Mandurah, to Samulnori at Sydney Opera House to The Flick at Redstich Actors Theatre in Melbourne. Don't miss out on performances for the second half of the year! Search Shows For Schools now.

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End of Term - A Great Time to Plan

14 June 2015

Many schools are looking for the right shows for their students. Don't leave it too long to book. With school timetables so full, getting students out or even finding a time to get an incursion in, is not easy. The earlier you book, the more likely you are to get the date that suits best. 

It's not surprising so many teachers make bookings out of school hours - the school day is simply too full. This is where Shows For Schools is a great tool. Use us!

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Hurry Subscribe now

9 June 2015

Latest enews out this week. Subscribe here

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Happy Queens Birthday Holiday except WA

8 June 2015

Slave away WA !  The rest of the country is taking a long weekend. September probably seems a long way away.

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Budget cuts to Australia Council affect touring shows

1 June 2015

Many of the bigger productions for school students tour Australia. This year, Stripey - the eggscellent adventures of an emu chick, The 26-Storey Treehouse, Kelly to name a few, have relied on Federal Government funding to tour to theatres in other states. The budget cut $23 million from the Australia Council and as a result, they have withdrawn the June funding round for touring applications. This could have a devastating impact on the industry and therefore what you can see in your local theatre. 

At SFS we advocate the arts and education. In this budget, the arts and education were damaged. 

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Welcome to Winter

1 June 2015

June already. Winter. Term 2 nearly over. 2015 flying. 

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We have a winner!

25 May 2015

In a moment of nail biting anticipation, the winning Shows For Schools Subscriber was drawn today. The prize - a free incursion from Regional Arts Victoria to any school in Victoria, with a choice of shows! Drum Roll - the winner is Rosalie Birney of Gladstone Park Primary - a school in a north western outer suburb of Melbourne.

Her reaction?

I am thrilled- what a great experience for our students!

Congratulations to Rosalie and her lucky students from all of us here at SFS and from Suzi Cordell and her team at RAV. Rosalie's chosen the superb "FAIRY TALE COOKBOOK"

More details to come.

Don't miss out on other SFS offers! Subscribe here

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Education in Budget gets F

24 May 2015

Queensland academic, Stewart Riddle, has assessed the recent budget and given it an overall F.

Perhaps this is because there does not seem to be an overrarching plan from this government. They have confirmed they won't fund the final two years of Gonski. A failure to fund growth in education costs, too, will see a $30 billion shortfall from 2018. 

One thing he noted could cause us all to become cyncial -  in this budget the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership received $16.9 million to help improve teacher quality. In last year's budget, the same organisation had a cut of $19.9 million. 

Read the whole rather depressing article here

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