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Stripey's a winner!

27 July 2015

We went along to see Garry Ginivan Attractions'  STRIPEY - the eggscellent adventures of an emu chick! at the Canberra Theatre Centre. The place was packed with 4,000 school kids.

Congrats to all involved. The show is excellent. Or should we say "eggscellent". The cast, the sets and gorgeous costumes were all very high quality.

We're so pleased people like Garry Ginivan are dedicated to producing new Australian shows.

As Victorian teacher Elise Andrew from Kensington Primary said recently " Absolutely fantastic. The kids loved it."

Try and catch it as it heads off around Australia. Look for venues here.

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Transition to Secondary School

24 July 2015

Interesting article on transition from ACER on Transition from Primary to Secondary School. Research from 20 Catholic primaries in Perth, found girls looked forward to it more positively than boys and that expectations are an indicator of actual experience. Read the complete article from Teacher mag.

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Discipline problems? Relate

23 July 2015

As teachers well know, corporal punishment has detrimental effects on children. Research suggests the most effective way to create desireable behaviour is to develop strong relationships.

This artlcle by Louise Laskey, in The Conversation also includes links to several studies on the effects of corporal punishment as well as lists of ways to engender positive relationships with children.

It probably confirms what most teachers already know, but might be a useful inclusion in a school newsletter.

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All back at school nationwide

22 July 2015

We hope you've all had a great break. We're halfway!! Lots of great events to inspire your students on SFS.

Now's a great time to book events for your students. Just go here and start searching. You can search in the categories listed and also for any key word. If that word is in the text anywhere, it will take you to that event. If you have any comments/suggestions re our searches, drop us a line at

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Good news for Teachers

21 July 2015

Walk fast, live longer. Apparently how fast you walk is an indicator of your health and vitality. Teachers are noted for their speed between classrooms. Maybe longevity will be an outcome! Read the article here

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Term 3 starts for most this week.

13 July 2015

Back to school today for Qld and Vic. NSW goes back Tuesday. Another week for everyone else. 

Now's the perfect time to plan for the rest of the year. Put in your requirements and search for the right event for your students on SFS. You're welcome to contact us by email to if you need help. 

Have a great Term 3!

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Make the most of NAIDOC Week!

11 July 2015

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School Funding - How much and how it's spent

9 July 2015

Very interesting article covering the complex area of school funding in our favourite source, The Conversation. Read it here

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First Black American Prima Ballerina

7 July 2015

How fantastic to read the story of Misty Copeland in the New York Times - not only is she the first black american prima ballerina with the American Ballet Theatre, but she didn't even start ballet until she was 13. Her background made her success unlikely.

Read the article here

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All on holidays from today!

3 July 2015

One of the few times in the year all Australian schools are on holidays.

Have a great break everyone!

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Changes to Federal Arts Funding a disaster for Schools and Arts Companies

2 July 2015

As we've already reported, the change in arts funding for companies touring Australia is potentially diabolical.

This year, we've seen touring theatre productions for schools audiences from Queensland (eg Kelly (image above), Black Diggers by QTC), from SA (eg Cranky Bear by Patch Theatre), from NSW (eg 26 & 52 Storey Treehouse by CDP Theatre Producers), from Victoria (Stripey-the eggscellent adventures of an emu chick by Garry Ginivan Attractions) and these are just a few examples. Touring funding allows audiences outside of the state the show was produced in, to see it without having to pay travel costs. It's a system that has worked well bringing the best works produced in Australia to all Australians.

This is even more the case for producers of work for schools and familiy audiences. Ticket prices have to be kept low, so there is little chance a producer could pay the costs to tour their show. Schools audiences everywhere would miss out. 

It is important that all audiences have access to the arts, but schools audiences are the most important and they will be the most affected. 

Without any consultation, the Federal Government has taken millions from the Australia Council. The June funding round for touring had to be withdrawn because the Australia Council simply didn't know if it could pay for tours. This means hundreds of theatres and companies are uncertain what will happen next year. Arts companies are concerned about the uncertainty of their future.

SA's Patch Theatre has written a great response to all of this, explaining how their company will be affected and advocating letter writing action. When you read it, realise that this is the situation for most arts companies in Australia.

Shows For Schools endorses their comments and we will also be writing to politicians.

Click the link below

Read more

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July 1

1 July 2015

New financial  year. Halfway through calendar year. Most schools on break or about to be. An ideal time to reflect, relax and plan for the next six months.

Shows For Schools is here to help.

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