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Sad to see some great shows finishing.

11 June 2017

It's not just the shows but their fabulous images. We starting an occasional series of our favourite 2017 images with this superbly atmospheric image for Therese Raquin adapted from the Zola novel.  You can still catch it at The Joan in Penrith

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We're Going On A Bear Hunt

8 June 2017

School kids and grandparents in the foyer of The National Theatre yesterday. A first theatrical experience for many. There were over 700 at each show and they had a great time.

Melbourne Grammar Prep Teacher, Maryanne Lockton, told us about their follow up back at school-

"My class drew their favourite part and we wrote a class recount. Their favourite parts were the bear, the water guns and river and the ice storm. Tomorrow, we are innovating the text and choosing a different animal or obstacle to write about eg: We’re going on a dragon hunt...Uh! Oh! Fire. Hot, flaming fire!  

What fun and how creative teachers are!

See other Bear Hunt dates here

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Young SA Artist Grant Open

7 June 2017

If you're an SA artist under 26, you can apply for a Carclew Fellowship to further your arts practice. Grants are up to 12K.

Hurry. Applications close July 15. Details

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6 Strategies to help parents get kids to eat at meal times.

6 June 2017

These strategies will be familiar to teachers, who instead of interesting children in a meal, have to engage them for hours in learning activities. Teachers learn quickly that being stressed themsleves is very counterproductive!

the mealtime strategies are:

1. Get them involved

2. Make sure they come to the table hungry ( or in the case of the classroom - not hungry)

3. Eliminate distractions, like screens

4. Let them decide how much they should eat

5. Serve one meal for the whole family ( for teaching this would be one theme, different approaches)

6. Stay calm


Read the whole article here

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Book now for the second half of the year.

2 June 2017

Naplan's over. Senior exams are looming. The end of second term is in sight. if you haven't already booked events for Term 3 & 4, now's the time to do it.

Image: ADT's Be Your Self Redux, at Frankston Performing Arts Centre, Term 3

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First Day of Winter

1 June 2017

Boo hoo.

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Australia Council Grants Closing 6 June

31 May 2017

The next round of grants for 

Arts Projects for Individuals and Groups

Arts Projects for Companies

among others, closes June 6. Details.

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Last Day of Autumn!

31 May 2017

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Fraught issue of school funding

29 May 2017

What does it mean? Some major questions answered here

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Interested in a degree in Circus Arts?

27 May 2017

This might help. NICA is offering a Pre-Audition Workshop in July. Costs $120. Details.

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Friday at last!

26 May 2017

Halfway through Term 2 already, for most states. Have a good weekend. We all need to pace ourselves!

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In Adelaide this Sunday?

25 May 2017

Head along to Carclew Open House, celebrating the Adelaide History Festival.Carclew was established as a youth arts organisation in 1971 and is still going strong. Good on you SA! Open 10.30 -4.00pm. Free tours and prizes. Details.

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