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Winter Wild Apollo Bay

22 August 2018

For those of you in Victoria, get down to beautiful Apollo Bay this weekend for the second and final Winter Wild Festival weekend.

SFS went to the first weekend - it was world class. Great free events outdoors, music in the pubs and top bands.

This weekend's theme of Birth sees a brilliant feast of local produce Feastiality made even more delectable by cabaret performances on Friday 24th August. It kicks off with a Bouillabaise, from locally caught seafood, being cooked in a cauldron on the foreshore then meanders to the Mech Hall for more delights.

Enjoy a techno and electronic music extravaganza at Moksha - audience will be bussed to a country property.

Or enjoy Outdoor Cinema.

See all here

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Develop children's spatial skills - how and why.

20 August 2018

Good spatial skills are linked to good maths skills which are a better predictor of school success than reading or social-emotional skills.

Ok - so how to encourage good spatial skills in young children?

1. Play with blocks not just for the manipulation of the blocks but also it develops the use of spatial language.

2. Use spatial language eg when asking kids to tidy up, be specific, " put the lego in the box on the toyshelf"

3. Play with jigsaws. Not surprisingly, working out where the pieces go involves alot of rotating and visualisation of how missing pieces might look.

4. Use and create maps. What's more fun than a treasure hunt map? Giving children an idea of how to spatially represented and shown in scale .

5. Encourage children to gesture to show how things move, model objects and point to locations.

Read more here

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Coming soon

16 August 2018

In a perfect programming timing, during Science Week, Black Swan State Theatre Company's SKYLAB opens today and runs to 2 Sept. Details

Near Nowra? Don't miss Circus Oz in Model Citizens at the Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre. Schools show on Friday 24 August. Details

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National Science Week

15 August 2018

This year National Science Week runs August 11 - 19.

Hope you're having fun with it at school.

Quite a few events on SFS have science themes - though it may be a bit late to book.

Why not plan ahead and book an event for World Space Week (4 - 10 October)? Check out Dreamer in Space. Advertised for primaries, but the show is ageless.

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SFS enews out to WA subscribers today

9 August 2018

Not a subscriber? Go here

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8 August 2018

Live more than 200km away from Sydney Opera House or Arts Centre Melbourne?? if yes, then you're eligible to have the show livestreamed to your classroom. No tyranny of distance now.


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5 August 2018

MIFA has announced this year's program. On from October 3 - 21. Check events for school aged students here

Image: A Ghost in my Suitcase, Barking Gecko, Melbourne International Arts Festival

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In Victoria?Looking for shows or workshops?

29 July 2018

Check out what Art Centre Melbourne has on offer for the rest of the year. Here

Image: The Fall, Yrs 7 - 12, Term 3 Details

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“Educators- you must (really. You must.) welcome the Shaun Parker Co to your school"

28 July 2018

THE YARD, Shaun Parker and Company's anti-bullying show aimed at Years 2 – 8 is touring into schools in Greater Sydney again in Term 3. There are some dates still available. Go here to enquire.
Already seen by thousands of kids across Greater Sydney, the message of THE YARD is one of inclusion and emotional resilience and is especially relevant today as Australian schools are among those with the highest reported incidence of bullying in the world.* SPCompany surveys reveal 95% said that after seeing THE YARD they would not bully again.
Get a glimpse of the show and students' reaction to it here- 
*(source: Mullis, Martin & Foy, 2008) 
Comment from a teacher who saw the show in Term 2-
“Educators- you must (really. You must.) welcome the Shaun Parker Co to your school. I care not what you have to trade with executive to make it happen (your soul is a valid exchange...) just do it. Beg them to extend their tour of The Yard… 
Not only are the dancers spectacular, but the concept and rendering of intention stunning, clever and richly provocative. A wonderful short and relevant piece to study with juniors for appreciation and to inspire narrative-based composition for all stages. The Yard picks up and navigates so many key social issues expertly, for students of all ages. It also interweaves such special stories and is testament to the rigorous workshop development origin.
Add to that the dancers’ beautiful, humble, approachable manner and Shaun’s extensive and sensitive management of both content and student-audience... they ticked every box we didn’t even know we had. And it is stupidly affordable….I think this genius deserves a round of applause for purveying not only the advancement of his cast- but the exposure of students across the country to important and accessible artistic work.” 
– Amanda Barwick, Scots College, NSW

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Cheese gets a big smile from experts

25 July 2018

Five experts - 2 dieticians, 2 nutritionists and 1 biomedical scientist have said cheese is an important contributor to health because of it's calcium, protein and B12 content if eaten in moderation ( because of it's fat content). An overall plus!

We're big supporters of the cheese industry at SFS. 

Read the details here

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Welcome to Term 3 NSW & SA!

24 July 2018

Term 3 has started for everyone now.

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Australia Playhouse morphs into NZ Playhouse

22 July 2018

By Michael Bell, NZ Playhouse

Back in 2012, New Zealand Playhouse first stepped foot on Australian soil. We crammed a fun two-hander show into a hire car and drove it around Tasmania for two weeks. In 2013, we extended the tour to a whole term and delighted children and high schoolers across both Tasmania and Victoria. 

Some of our favourite questions to ask were “Who knows what kia ora means?”, “Who’s even heard of New Zealand?”

Meanwhile, our laid-back kiwi style hit the spot with audiences and the teachers. 

Fast forward to 2016 and we became even more adventurous. Our shows toured from Brisbane to Perth and back again over the course of the year. We employed more and more Aussies in our casts and creative teams and it made sense to split our company into two troupes – New Zealand Playhouse and Australia Playhouse. And phew, what an operation it’s been! I can’t believe how many big and small Aussie towns I’ve seen in the last few years. I’m writing this on a plane to Hobart at the moment – one of my fave cities to be in.

But it’s also been tiring. We’re literally on the road from February until December. It’s difficult too – administrating a quick solution to a flat tyre in Perth when the tour manager is in Christchurch… that has all sorts of interesting challenges. It’s nothing that can’t be done, but in 2019, we’re tightening our operation up to make life a bit easier on ourselves. We’re going back to how we used to do things in 2013, and will grow in the ways we reckon we could have done back then. There’s nothing like biting the bullet.

So while we will retain our good relationships with the Aussie creatives we work with, we’re going employ an extra cast in New Zealand for term two, relieving the load for our NZ tour which is currently at absolutely full capacity. Then this cast will bring the show over to Vic and Tassie in term three.

This means that Vic and Tassie primary schools can expect a higher ratio of Kiwi accents in the cast (still with some Aussie accents in there), perhaps a few more anecdotes from New Zealand during question time, but the same hilarious shows you’ve come to know from both New Zealand Playhouse and Australia Playhouse.

If you’re in SA or WA, please make sure you enquire now aboutour 2018 shows - Red Riding Robyn Hood for primaries or Shakespeare: As You Write It for secondaries. We’ve also got just a couple of slots left in NSW and Vic for 2018. Otherwise, our Kiwi crew will look forward to seeing our friends in Vic and Tassie again in 2019 with our primary show The Tortoise and The Hare!

Original article printed in TasmanianTimes.

Image: Red Riding Robyn Hood 

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