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Victorian Government Schools closed to most students in Term 2 & Term 3

8 April 2020

The Victorian Government is asking parents to keep their children at home. They will be taught with online learning. Schools will be open for the children of emergency workers and for children at risk.

How unimaginable would this have seemed, even a month ago?

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Book Week Now in Term 4!

3 April 2020

The CBCA has wisely delayed Book Week until Term 4. The date is TBC. Announcement here.

All schools with Book Week dates will be contacted by our presenters.

Interested in making a booking for Book Week? Check out the options here

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A new and very different start to a month

1 April 2020

April Fools Day. Let's hope next month will augur better. Stay safe everyone.

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All Vic school kids at home for an extended school holiday. Other states to follow soon.

24 March 2020

Stay well everyone!

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We at SFS wish you all well in these unprecedented times.

23 March 2020

Our thoughts go out, in particular, to all our companies and other arts workers who face life with no income for the foreseeable future.

Teachers, please book events for Term 4!

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21 March 2020

There are lots of great shows on offer and more being added every day. 

ImageDiscover the Colonial Classroom

Read more

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Harmony Day

20 March 2020

With the current state of the world, harmony almost seems a dream. Harmony with each other, harmony with the world.

Just with the Australian context, our thoughts go out to teachers battling with school communities in doubt and to all the wonderful presenters whose events have been cancelled. This day/week was booked out ages ago for most incursion presenters. We don't know of any whose shows went ahead this week. No work, no income for most of us in the arts industry.

Teachers, please rebook your events for later in the year to give our incredible arts workers some hope.

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Schools are making enquiries and rebooking events.

17 March 2020

Please support the arts workers and don't just cancel any forthcoming events, rebook them please.

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Opera in the 21st Century - all primary schools in Victoria can participate.

15 March 2020

Victorian Opera has a performance designed for primary school students. This year, the productions is Massenet’s Cinderella. It can be accessed by all schools across Victoria, regardless of location.


If your school is within 150km of Arts Centre Melbourne, come and see the show live!

If your school is further than 150km from Arts Centre Melbourne, you can see the production live streamed to your school. How's that?

All schools who book the show, either the live performance or the streamed option, can also access a series of workshops that are streamed to your school.

In each workshop, students meet different members of the cast, creative team and orchestra and become familiar with the art form as they learn about the rehearsal and production processes involved in opera. A live performance of Cinderella, which can be watched at the theatre or via livestream (depending on the location of your school), concludes the program. 

All workshops are FREE with school group bookings to a performance of Cinderella, or if your school is eligible for the live stream option.

Suits students from Foundation to Yr 6.

More details

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Friday 13th. Hasn't it felt like that all year??

13 March 2020

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Start of the week for SA, Tas, ACT and Vic after the public holiday yesterday

10 March 2020

It's just so weird that our public holidays and school terms vary so much. 

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First week of March down. End of Term 1 in sight.

6 March 2020

Have you booked your events for the rest of the year? Now is a great time to do it. Even some dates for Book Week are available.

Image: Barking Gecko's Bambert's Book of Lost Stories, Term 4 Yrs 3-9, State Theatre Centre of WA

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