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Last day of Sept, last day for football codes

30 September 2017

Summer must be coming!

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Lots of sport excitement this weekend.

29 September 2017

Enjoy! Hope your team wins.

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Awesome Festival Starts on Saturday

28 September 2017

This year's Awesome Festival starts this Saturday, 30 Sept until 9 Oct,  in Perth.

Time to volunteer? Go here to volunteer

Here's the whole program

Image: Scarface Claw, Hold Tight! Exhibition & Workshop

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Male teachers - an endangered species

27 September 2017

New research suggest there will be no male primary teachers in government schools by 2054 and none in any schools by 2067. The decline in secondary schools is also dramatic.

It's so important for children to see teachers as reflective of society, not just the female side. Maybe it's time for affirmative action, taking lessons from similar programs for women in other careers, not to mention looking at the status, salary and benefits that should accrue to such a critical profession.

Anecdotally, at SFS, we rarely have male teachers making bookings or enquiries, maybe 1 in 200 will be male!

Read more here and here

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Grab the ball, not the Wii

25 September 2017

Exergames, using Wii technology, have gained a place in schools. They're a tool for PE teachers but new research shows Wii games don't develop skills like real ball games.

They measured performance before and after these games and concluded the Excergames simply didn't develop the same skills as using a ball would.

They suggested this is because there is a bigger margin for error for success with the computer games. Success comes without necessarily having the skill.

Real games require more focus and brain activity to succeed than the computer games.

It seems the Wii could have a place in the classroom for reasons of variety, but good old physical games will improve physical skills. Read more

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23 September 2017

Presenter Profiles are informative - you learn about the companies  making the shows or the theatres presenting them. 

Image: Melbourne Festival's Dark Circus

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Last day of school for NSW, ACT, VIC and WA

22 September 2017

Kick back and relax. Hang in there Tas and SA!

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Thanks to Frankston Art Centre

20 September 2017

Each SFS enews edition, we offer 2 tickets to anything on SFS. The first Victorian subscriber to respond asked for tickets for Horrible Harriet (image above) at FAC during the holidays.

There is now one very happy mother and daughter going along to see the show next week. Thanks FAC!

To see what other events you can see at FAC, check out Frankston Arts Centre profile, including All My Love, the story of the secret bethrothal  of 2 of Australia's writing legends, Henry Lawson and Mary Gilmore. Fascinating. On in March next year.

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Have you made your bookings for next term - or even for next year?

20 September 2017

If you want a specific date for an incursion, please book it well in advance! It's so disappointing when we can't help schools with the show they want because their date is inflexible and they book too close to it!

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Pop-up Globe in Melbourne A Winner

19 September 2017

Some lucky SFS staff went to see Othello at the Pop-up Globe. It was a great experience.

Teachers - make the most of the Globe being in Melbourne (it's only for 2 months) and, at least, bring your students to the show specially designed for school students from Yr 6 up Around the Globe in 60 Minutes! It will inform and inspire their study of Shakespeare and/or history. Can't recommend you visit highly enough! Details.

Pop-up Globe will be visiting other capital cities next year. Stay tuned.

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Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet on Tour into Schools in Term 4

18 September 2017

Teaching Shakespeare? Why not book Bard on the Beach's The Tragedy Of Romeo and Juliet to perform at your school?

Show plus in-depth Q&A. Touring Qld, NSW, ACT and Vic in Term 4. Some spots still available.You could be lucky! Details

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Last Week of School for most states

17 September 2017

You can join Queensland on school holidays! Have you made your Term 4 bookings yet??

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