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Ela Rose Studios


Ela Rose Studios is a unique company specialising in themed dance and theatre presentations with a unique sense of quality and vision.

A company that was established with a focus in mind, to tell a story through movement, to engage the audience, moving the emotions of the viewer and immersing them into the journey of the story.

A company who are passionate in sharing experience & culture.

Company History

Ela Rose Studios was established after traveling worldwide, exploring Dance and Theatre while traveling around the world from experiencing the exhilarating Bal du Moulin Rouge in Paris to the most inspirational and energetic life changing moments living and dancing with the street kids of Latin America.

Ela Rose Studios has a talented performer (Emilio Ela Rose) and one of the quality leading teachers in Latin dance with styles including Tango, Salsa, Dirty Dancing Mambo, Cha Cha Cha, sensual Lambada & Zouk, Bachata, Hip hop funk, etc.

His experience extends to cultural dancers which he experienced traveling around the world from country to country. Emilio has also been trained in the fiery dance of Flamenco. With his 20 years of percussion behind him and unique interpretation of presentation through Dance, Theatre and Music, makes him a well renowned and talented Choreographer. Ela Rose also trained at the Victorian College of the Arts Drama School, enhancing his appreciation for Drama and Self Expression in performance. This talent and renowned for quality has led Ela Rose in conjunction with Crown Casino in supporting ‘Latin Fever’ nights held at Crown Casino Melbourne from 2007. He was then approached to present regular Latin Dance classes Fusion Latina TV on Channel 31 (between 2008-2011)
In 2009 the program went on to win the 2009 Antenna Awards for Outstanding Culturally & linguistically Diverse (CALD) Program & outstanding CALD Producer.

"Ela Rose's strength lies in his ability to relate to the audience.." Theatre Press

Ela Rose has become known for his ability in choreographing and directing emotionally moving Dance and Theatre Productions. His diverse level of creativity can create a story that engages viewers from smaller interactive themed opening and closing ceremonial Ice Breaker Entertainment to large scale Themed Entertainment Dance & Theatre Productions.

Each year since 2005, Ela Rose has been producing large scale performances which has always delivered quality, fun, humorous, passionate & Intense productions

Ela Rose with a Masters Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics, has studied Human Psychotherapy and has spent a number of years in the corporate world as a Nutrition Consultant. Hence has an impeccable ability and strong understanding in clear and effective communication skills and has the ability to adapt to target audiences….. with a twist of humour!

Further Information

Ela Rose Studios led by a passionate and inspiring Artistic Director & Choreographer; Emilio Ela Rose

Emilio's Credentials include:
- Latin American Salsa Champion
- Professional Actor
- Professional Dance Instructor
- Musician
- MC & Voice Over
- Impersonator
- Stage and Theatre Choreographer
- ‘Latin Fever’ held at the Crown Casino Melbourne
- TV Presenter of Latin Dance on ‘Fusion Latina’ on Channel 31 Australia wide

Since 1999, Ela Rose has been involved in producing works on Stage & Theatre for all age groups

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