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Australian Shakespeare Company

In addition to our main stage productions of Shakespeare's plays and other classics performed in gardens and theatres around Australia and beyond, The ASC continues to offer interactive programs for …
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Bendigo Venues & Events

At Bendigo Venues & Events (BV&E) we engage students and teachers with educational experiences at The Capital Theatre, Ulumbarra Theatre and the Engine Room performing arts venues in Bendigo.…
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Black Swan State Theatre Company of WA

Black Swan’s vision is to connect artists and audiences through the power of theatre to entertain, challenge and inspire. We create exceptional, high-quality theatre that speaks to the world from o…
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Carrousel Theatre

Our objective is to encourage the study of European languages: French, Italian, Spanish, German and Asian languages: Mandarin Chinese & Indonesian via the medium of puppetry.… Our shows are …
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Come you Spirits

Come you Spirits is a touring theatre company now bringing their magic to schools.… They run in-class Takeover workshops for a specific play - personalised for syllabus needs with performance an…
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Complete Works Theatre Company

Complete Works is a vital creative component of the Australian English and Arts curriculum, developing and touring live theatre and providing virtual resources to support student learning.… Rece…
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Dream Puppets

Dream Puppets is a puppet theatre company which has been performing its brilliant, visual and distinctive style of productions to audiences of all ages in Australia and around the world for over twen…
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Ela Rose Studios

Ela Rose Studios is a unique company specialising in themed dance and theatre presentations with a unique sense of quality and vision.… A company that was established with a focus in mind, to te…
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HOTA, Home of the Arts

We believe art education empowers young people to live their lives by design and not default, and in a changing world this opportunity is more important than ever.… And at HOTA, we work to creat…
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Jollybops Science Shows

The Jollybops Science shows provide interactive and Fun Science shows to over 50 000 kids every year though out Australia. With the use of exciting experiments, pantomime and Science based songs Trev…
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Monkey Baa Theatre Company

Monkey Baa Theatre Company is Australia’s widest-reaching touring company, having conducted over 25 national tours to 135 regional and remote communities across every state and territory of Austral…
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Seymour Centre

EDUCATION – LEARN MORE … Welcome to our 2024 Arts Education Program. … We believe all young people deserve access to entertaining and enriching cultural experiences. This belief underpins…
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The Troppo Troupe is a non-for-profit artistic collective established in 2022 and based in Sydney Australia. We are passionate about acting and storytelling and are committed to the discipline involv…
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Victorian Opera

We exist to reimagine the potential of Opera and Musical Theatre for everyone.…
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