Booking Enquiries - Incursions

Companies offering incursions can upload their events free of charge  Upload your show 

Why choose this option?
It is direct marketing to every teacher in Australia. Each enquiry is from a teacher who is interested in your event. You keep all the contact information to add to your own data base.

How does it work?
The enquiry field asks teachers to fill in the information you need to successfully confirm a booking. SFS sends it to you and asks you acknowledge receipt of the lead and action it promptly. 

When is is an SFS lead?
Any enquiry received on the same day directly from a teacher and also through SFS is deemed to be an SFS lead.

What does it cost?
You are charged 10% of the value of each booking which translates into a performance. There is no charge for bookings that do not result in a performance. Presenters are invoiced monthly for completed events.

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