Refunds and Cancellations

If I make a booking am I obligated to go ahead with it?

No. A booking is only confirmed once payment is received. Every organization on the website will contact you to try to deliver the event you have booked and inform you of their payment and cancellation policies. Please only send bookings/enquiries to shows you're seriously interested in. 

If I book a show and pay for it can I cancel and receive a full refund?

Usually yes, depending how far out from the event you cancel. If less than 6 weeks before the show, then there would usually be a cancellation fee. In our experience teachers who go to all the trouble to book a show, collect payment would rarely cancel.

If I book a show through the Shows For Schools box office and pay for it, then cancel, do I get a full refund?

You do not usually have to pay until 6 weeks before the event. if you pay, then cancel within the six week period before the show, there is a sliding scale of cancellation charges and an administration fee of 5%. You can adjust your numbers in our box office and you don't have to pay until 6 weeks out, so it would be very unusual for a school to pay and cancel in that time. You would have done all the work and so would we! We have cancellation fees if you cancel with less than 6 weeks notice simply because schools do not often book a show less than 6 weeks before the performance date. So, if you cancel, the seats that have been held for you are almost impossible to resell. 

Rescheduled event
The Presenter reserves the right to alter the line up, date, time and/or venue. If the event is rescheduled then the booking to the advertised event will remain valid. If your school cannot attend a rescheduled event and you contact us at  in a timely manner, SFS will refund the school the complete paid booking price.

If the event is cancelled because of an act of war or terrorism or the forces of nature or by any event outside of the control of the Presenter then refunds shall be at the Presenters absolute discretion. If the event is cancelled by the Presenter for any other reason, SFS will refund to You the complete paid price. Please contact us at to request a refund.

No Show
If for any reason You are unable to attend the booked show, SFS is unable to refund Your purchase. If you would like to enquire about any unusual circumstance that You believe may warrant a refund outside of the terms stated herein please contact us at:

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