Bombshells & The Penelopiad 2018

Complete Works Theatre Company


The ladies were simply wonderful, very engaging, entertaining and educationally hit the mark!
Teacher, Siena College

This performance was fantastic! The chosen extracts and the way they had been adapted/edited/integrated for this performance were excellent.
Teacher, Sacre Coeur

Unit 4: Reading & comparing texts
Pairing 6: Bombshells by Joanna Murray-Smith and The Penelopiad by Margaret Atwood

Monologues and extracts from Bombshells and The Penelopiad are integrated into performance and presented in a style that enables students to make clear thematic comparisons and contrasts between the two texts.

We consider the role of women from contrasting periods, conventional stereotypes and the realities of women’s lives within a patriarchal society. We examine how the authors give voice to the marginalised and oppressed, and how major events or 'bombshells' act as empowering catalysts for change.

This program has been developed using the paired texts, Bombshells by Joanna Murray-Smith and The Penelopiad by Margaret Atwood, in consultation with Complete Works' Teacher Advisory Group.

Photography: Sarah Walker

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An excellent performance. Very engaging and thought-provoking.
Teacher, Firbank Grammar

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Year Level Suitability


Curriculum area

The Arts - Drama, English


Women, Stereotypes, Gender Roles, Feminism, Class, Double-standards, Greek Myths, Fairness Of Justice, Perspectives, Comparisons,




90 minutes


$16 per student Minimum performance fee: $1920.00

School Term:
Term 3


Metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria on request.

SEASON: Monday 30 July - Friday 10 August

REQUIREMENTS: Flat playing space, minimum 6x6 metres
Access to power

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