Science Of The Didgeridoo (VIC, SA)

Cultural Infusion

Truly outstanding, downright fascinating and let's face it, slightly weird but hilarious, the science of Didgeridoo brings you the latest research on one of the strangest musical instruments in the word. If you thought that they blew air in one end and it came out the other, you are definitely in for a shock !

Science and Indigenous culture in one deadly funny package.

Science of the Didgeridoo program looks at;

- the nature of sound waves
- what they are and how they work.
- how materials and the shape of a space affect sound (resonance) and how sound waves can bounce and travel in more than one direction at once.
- sound as a compression wave (with a very nice and fun experiment), and how we measure sound.
- musical instrument as a means of altering sound.

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Show Details



Year Level Suitability

Kinder to 10-12

Curriculum area

History, Mathematics, Science



Drama, Exhibition, Lecture, Workshop


50 minutes


$6+GST per student (minimum 150 students). Duration: 50 minutes program

School Term:
Term 3


VIC - 14th to 25th August,
SA - 28th August to 1st September
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