Romeo & Juliet - Complete Works Theatre Company, Directed by Andrew Blackman

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The actors use of gesture and emotions helped the audience understand events and themes portrayed on stage.
Student, Brentwood Secondary College

The actors brought a lot of emotion and connected a lot with each other which really enhanced the essence of the play and my understanding.
Student, Irymple Secondary College

It’s a balmy Summer night in Verona. Two teenagers are transfixed by one another across a dance floor. They flirtatiously share a love poem.

In a world of high passion where violence erupts on the street and the bonds of family allegiance must be broken in order to pursue forbidden love, two young lovers rail against an older generation and the prejudice of their society. Their love turns to tragedy as their fate plays out. Was it written in the stars all along?

Romeo and Juliet is an ideal introduction for teenagers to the plays of William Shakespeare. This tragic story is told with humour and pathos and delights as much as it saddens.

All performances are followed by a Q&A with the actors. The post-show analysis session will help students focus on the major characters and explore the themes of love, hate, prejudice, the part played by circumstance and fortune and the generational conflict between teenagers and their parents.

Photography: Sarah Walker

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The performance was great, and the Q&A session really helpful for students. They asked great questions, and the cast answered them in a way that really helped students to understand.
Teacher, Shepparton High School

It was really good. Loved the chemistry between Romeo and Juliet. It was cool how they incorporated the kissing- felt more realistic. It was also cool how one of the actors played more than one character. I really liked it - I almost cried!
Student, Marian SC

The performance was a great success for our students. The teachers were also really happy with the outcome. Thank you to your talented team of actors. CWTC will be part of our program next year.
Teacher, Casey Grammar

Show Details



Year Level Suitability

7-9 to 10-12

Curriculum area

The Arts - Drama, English


Love, Hate, Prejudice, Fate, Circumstance And Fortune, Generational Conflict, English, Literature, Shakespeare, Classics




60 minutes, plus Q&A


$9.50 per student for groups over 120 students. Minimum performance fee $1140 for groups of 120 students or less.

School Term:
Term 2, Term 3, Term 4


Metropolitan Melbourne, Regional Victoria 2018
Minimum playing space of 6 x 6 metres. Access to power.

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