Kate Herbert's Bully Virus is thought-provoking, harrowing, often hilarious, as it examines workplace bullying. Based on experiences of actual victims of workplace bullying, this is a must-see for anyone concerned about survival in the modern workplace.
Joe Calleri, April 2018, Freelance reviewer, Melbourne

By the same company: ‘Love Is My Sin is a beautiful and complex layering of Shakespeare’s sonnets with a woman’s voice, a man’s voice and a cello’s voice...’
Joanna Bowen, Aussie Theatre, 9 May 2013

Australia! Gold Medal Winner in Workplace Bullying!

Bully Virus deals with workplace bullying, an issue that affects many young people in their employment during and after their school years.

Workplace bullying is the new virus and Australia is really good at it! We have one of the highest rates in the world! Students will benefit by developing an awareness of their rights as employees and the avenues open to them to address workplace bullying.

Bully Virus is satirical, moving Verbatim Theatre with actors telling real people’s stories about workplace bullying. Many victims escape to new jobs, most take no action against bullies, some seek compensation. However, bullying claims are frequently denied which compounds the victim’s indignity and anxiety.

Bully Virus does not try to tell everyone’s story or even the worst stories, but it shows that, despite myriad anti-bullying initiatives, workplace bullying is alive and well – and hurting workers.

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Bully Virus is directed and written by Kate Herbert and performed by Jenny Lovell, Carole Patullo, Geoff Wallis and Anna Durham (music). The play is developed from interviews with victims of bullying.

Kate Herbert is a Melbourne-based playwright, director, theatre reviewer, performer and lecturer in theatre and writing. She was Winner of Victorian VET (Vocational) Teacher/Trainer of the Year 2015, and finalist in Australian VET (Vocational) Teacher/Trainer of the Year 2015.

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Jim Schembri, Herald Sun, 13 May 2013

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On Stage and Walls Michael Magnusson, Canvas Mgazine, 8 Nov, 2008

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The Arts - Drama, English, Civics And Citizenship


Bullying, Workplace Relations, Social Justice, Employment Issues, Anxiety And Depression, Human Rights, Relationships, Management Behaviour, Human Resources Policies, WorkCover, WorkSafe, Workplace Safety, Dignity, Integrity, Verbatim Theatre, Parody, Satire, Comedy, Clown, Playwriting, Improvisation, Directing, Devising.


Comedy, Drama




TICKETS: $30.00 Full; $20.00 student/concession; $25.00 student + forum BOOKINGS: 9347 6142; lamama.com.au/2018-autumn-program/bully-virus-may-16-27


La Mama Theatre (Carlton, VIC)

School Term:
Term 2


16 to 27 May, 2018
Wed 6.30pm, Thurs-Sat 7.30pm, Sun 4pm

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