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We run a unique inclusive performance workshop program that supports young people aged 5–18 to develop their own creative world-view.

Our workshops can be tailored to the specific needs of your program.

5 - 8
Our 5-8-year-old workshops are about developing confident, creative, well-rounded children who can speak up and share their point of view.

As these young people are at the early stage of their creative exploration, we focus on improvisation, games and imaginative play.

We offer them a creative stimulus that they respond to through physical and vocal improvisations. We encourage our students to become comfortable projecting their voice, physicalising ideas and emotions, and making creative offers in the room.

These improvisations also help them learn how to form a dramatic language, gain confidence communicating and to collaborate with children outside of school.

They may be encouraged to paint or write, tell a story, pick up some play dough, speak from a character’s point of view, their own point of view, or even learn some Auslan – it all depends on where their interests lie.

We show them how to investigate, devise and realise their ideas. They’re encouraged to observe, respond and take artistic risks so they can work together to create meaningful performance pieces.

9 - 12
Our 9-12-year-old workshops provide children with an outlet for thinking differently, making creative choices and interpreting existing ideas in surprising ways.

We see our students as young creators. At this age they’re full of thoughts and opinions and we want to hear them.

We focus on improvisation so that everyone discovers collaboration, gets to know each other and creates a strong group spirit.

We work together physically and vocally to explore a range of different performance models, including physical theatre and techniques for devising new work.

Workshop participants are encouraged to push beyond their first impulse, to think critically and to creatively discover something new.

They may be asked to research, analyse texts, deconstruct issues, and realise their ideas. They’re encouraged to observe, respond and take artistic risks so they can develop their skills as performers.

Our students discover contemporary performance and most importantly, they explore who they think are and who they think they can be.


Our teen program centers on the philosophy that human beings make art in order to better understand the world.

Our workshop artists challenge our teen ensembles to explore how culture works, to think critically about performance making, and to question their own beliefs as they build performance works on and off the stage.

Instead of teaching one acting method or merely leading the group, our workshop artists create a space where everyone can co-create together as artists. This can involve the workshop artist offering provocations, feedback and artistic responses based on equal exchange.

We work kinaesthetically to build a physical language as an ensemble. We explore a range of performative approaches to space, time, style, and collaboration.

While performance is our focus, we also ask our teen ensemble to develop an understanding of themselves as whole creatives—artists who have a voice and who are passionately investigating the creative ways and means of expressing it.

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Year Level Suitability

Kinder to 10-12

Curriculum area

The Arts - Drama, English, Civics And Citizenship


Drama, Theatre, Creative Play,


Drama, Workshop


We recommend 1 hour sessions - however this can vary depending on school periods and requirements.


Our workshops can be taken to your school from $450 per session. However, costs vary depending on the length of the program and the number of participants.

School Term:
Term 1, Term 2, Term 3, Term 4


Within a 50km radius of Melbourne Metro

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