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We are proud to be partnering with an organisation that brings quality educational productions into Primary Schools, exploring the CBCA Children’s Book Week themes and promoting literature and the joy of reading in an interactive, fun and engaging way.
CBCA CHAIR, Wendy Rapee, AALIA (CP).

The students enjoyed the intimate nature of watching the performance in their own classroom spaces and were more inclined to join in the singing and dancing with minimal embarrassment and awkwardness.
Brunswick North Primary School

Charlie is feeling just a bit overwhelmed. He does his best but sometimes his best doesn’t seem good enough, especially when he compares himself to other kids who seem to make difficult tasks look so easy. And then there are chores, and an annoying little sister to contend with at home. Like any other kid Charlie has dreams – to be a rock star, explore different places, be a scientist that solves the problems of the world – but they seem to get further away every day. To be honest he’d be happy if he could find the space to have just a bit more fun now and then. Charlie wonders that maybe a miracle is what he needs to change things for the better. However when something totally unexpected reveals that there are miracles happening all around him, he needs to figure out what to do with them.
Will some of the books that Charlie recently discovered provide a clue?

MAYBE A MIRACLE!is a new educational musical created to celebrate CBCA Book
Week 2024 and celebrate the theme “Reading is Magic”. It is a highly
interactive musical adventure that explores situations that every audience
member, regardless of their age or background, will be able to relate to

The livestream performance is hosted by your personal Actor/Educator interacting and discussing live-in-real-time with your students and classrooms, as they introduce the filmed educational theatre episodes of the exciting Children’s Book Week® 2024 adventure. The livestream lesson includes interactive segments for students to answer quizzes connected to the learning points, have guided discussions on the educational themes and ask questions in real time!
The educational episodes are captured live-on-film with multi-cameras and in high definition, meaning everyone will be watching from the best seat in the house.
Hosting a Perform Education Livestream Incursion means your whole school can be involved whether having a large group viewing, classroom by classroom sessions, or even with individual students tuning in from home.

The session includes an interactive discussions with the live host for your students to explore some of the themes and key questions connected to the learning points.

With your secure school link, the livestream performance will be available for your whole school to watch on the date/time of your scheduled incursion.
The Livestream e-learning package also includes a range of hands-on educational tools with online interactive games, quizzes, videos and lesson plans for the classroom and at home to extend the engagement and learning, all available for the entire school year!

We provide three different versions of Maybe A Miracle! to suit the age groups watching. You can choose from either; Junior, General or a Senior version.
  • Junior version (P - 3)
  • General version (mixed grades)
  • Senior version (5 - 6)
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"My students enjoyed the interactive dancing. It got them out of their seats and the steps were easy to follow. They also enjoyed hearing their answers to questions being shared and enjoyed the voting system." - Xavier Cathollic College, QLD, 2023

More Reviews

The students were engaged in everything that they saw, the actors and the story. They absolutely loved being able to hear the responses that we sent during the show and really enjoyed the dance moves and music.
Blandford Public School

It was really valuable to have differing performances for the different age groups. The students were very engaged & sang & danced. Messages & themes behind the production extended beyond the love of books & linked beautifully with the student attitudes.
St Agatha's Catholic Primary School

We loved the virtual [livestream] incursion. We are a tiny rural school and can not always afford to have a cast and crew come out so this was a great option for us. The Q&A was excellent. Thank you.
Chillingham Public School

The teachers loved the flexibility of when to schedule their own show working around their timetables. The support materials were amazing - you left nothing to chance covering so many aspects in great detail to ensure everyone got the most out of it.
Brunswick North Primary School

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Year Level Suitability

Kinder to 3-6

Curriculum area

The Arts - Dance, The Arts - Drama, The Arts - Music, The Arts - Visual Arts, English, Languages , Health And Physical Education


The Power Of Positive Thinking, Creative Thinking Can Open New Ways To Solve Problems And Achieve Goals, Courage, Resilience, Tenacity And The Part That Books And Reading Can Play In Understanding And Developing These Attributes.


Comedy, Dance, Drama, Film, Live Music, Music Theatre


Junior Version: 35 minutes, General/Senior Version: 45 minutes


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School Term:
Term 3


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