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"The performance was magnificent - we used all your props and all the students got involved... The students really enjoyed the interactive parts of this performance. It held their interest and engaged them making it fun and exciting"

"Brilliant! The kids did so well and everyone loved it... Thank you. It was a fun experience for our little school"

Perfect for smaller schools that cannot cover the cost of a live show, remote schools that don't fit into the tour schedule or schools that cannot currently book a live show due to issues related to Covid-19.

Based on the CBCA 2024 Notable-listed Picture Book of the Year.

See details for the live show here

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Adapted for the virtual stage/screen & performed by "Tony Bones" Appleby B.Ed
Technical Design by Zac Krause & Tony
Music by Natalie Calia Dip.Ed & Tony

Curriculum Areas:
  • The Arts (Dance, Drama, Media Arts, Music, Visual Arts);
  • English;
  • Science;
  • Humanities (History).
  • Technologies (Design & Technologies + Digital Technologies)
  • STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Maths)

General Capabilities:
  • Literacy;
  • Critical & Creative Thinking.

Our interactive virtual incursion
  • Over 30% cheaper than our live show;
  • Available any day you like from the first day of Book Week in Term 3, 2024 to the last day of Term 2, 2025;
  • Adaptable minimum student numbers so perfect for smaller schools that don't meet the minimum student numbers of the live show;
  • Available to any school in Australia & New Zealand, regardless of location, so a great option for schools who cannot link in with our live tour schedule due to their location;
  • Simple props list can be collected before the show and then used by students during the performance to make it even more interactive. Especially brilliant when the props are run by the senior students for their junior classes.
  • Can be viewed multiple times across multiple days to suit your school schedule;
  • Everything from our live show & more... for less!!!
  • Check out the trailer for 2023's interactive virtual incursion https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otSOQ1wIpsk

So how will the virtual incursion work?

Just like our last 4 hugely successful interactive virtual Book Week shows, 2023's "Jørn's Magnificent Imagination", 2022's "The Imagineer", 2021's "Littlelight" & 2020's "Hello Lighthouse", the virtual production of the 2024 notable Picture Book of the Year (title to be announced May 2024) will be cleverly adapted to make it work more effectively for an interactive filmed performance that students can stream:
  • at a school assembly;
  • in their classroom;
  • or even individually at home.

The entire live show will be captured with:
  • multiple top-end 5K cameras;
  • full DMX stage lighting;
  • pro sound;
  • plus green screen & several additional visual technical elements integrated to enhance the live production;
  • all on your screen in 4K clarity.

Multiple camera angles & sparkling 4K clarity will give every student the very best seat in the house & make them a part of bringing this amazing book to life.

Multiple interactive activities will be included in the filmed performance for students to participate in from the hall, classroom or at home. These are designed to get the students up & moving to be part of the action, making the audience feel as if they are actually in & around the characters in the show. 2024 will be a brand new show but for previous years, the students got to:
  • Stick up A4 printed objects around their room to create the set then change it as the show progresses;
  • Blow bubbles & spray water bottles over the crowd to replicate ocean waves, etc;
  • Rescue drowning sailors from the sea by pulling students out of the crowd using a rope;
  • Chant out phrases with the characters in the show;
  • Use torches with coloured cellophane to create fun light effects;
  • Play games such as throwing balls into buckets, quizzes, heads & tails, waving flags, bouncing balloons across the crowd, passing a relay baton over everyone's heads balancing a small ball on top, etc;
  • Have particular students get up to act as characters within scenes, interacting with the characters on the screen;
  • Make things like a large moving newspaper printing press;
  • All get-up & dance, learning a bunch of new dance steps;
  • March along to songs;
  • All stand up to learn a range of clapping rhythms;

Teachers will have the ability to pause the show during these activities to organise students in the room to participate safely & join in the fun.

A filmed in-depth FAQ session is included where “Tony Bones” takes the students through the creation of the show, the content & messages in the book, plus where he'll provide answers to common questions.

Teachers then have the ability to email through their students’ additional questions which Tony will reply to via video clips that can be played back to the students within 24 hours.

Also included are easy-to-follow teacher notes & guided discussions for teachers to run before & after the virtual performance to give the students a greater understanding of the content & a more meaningful interaction with the show.

This is in addition to the extensive teacher resources & lesson plans already available for the live performance at our website.

Schools will be provided with a code to unlock the virtual performance on their day of viewing that they can share with all teachers at their school who have a class booked for the performance.

The price for the interactive virtual performance is a huge 30% off the live show price +GST.

Further Information:

Adapted for the stage & performed by "Tony Bones" Appleby B.Ed
Technical Design with Zac Krause

This brand new 40-minute virtual stage performance brings yet another CBCA notable-listed Picture Book of the Year TO LIFE!! It is created & performed by "Tony Bones" Appleby B.Ed, a qualified & practising drama & dance teacher with over 25 years of professional school teaching & performing experience in children's theatre & theatre in education. Tony has been adapting & performing CBCA short-listed & notable-listed books across Australia for Book Week since 2000 & this is his 39th Australian book adapted to the stage, & 5th virtual performance after 2020's critically acclaimed "Hello Lighthouse", 2021's "Littlelight" & 2022's "The Imagineer" and 2023's "Jorn's Magnificent Imagination".

Along with a link to the show, the company includes the reading of the story by the author or Tony, lots of ideas for props that the students can have with them when they're participating in the show and a link to a 20-minute FAQ video that can be accessed when convenient.

"Tony Appleby's long experience as a performer and writer, along with his teaching background has informed the creation of a show that is valuable in its own right. It shouldn't be seen as a video of an incursion, rather it's a new form, and unlike live incursions, it's available wherever you are." Karen Keegan, Shows For Schools, 2020.

2024's virtual show is available to schools throughout all of Australia & New Zealand.

The virtual show includes:
  • Drama - a variety of performance styles within the show: e.g. Melodrama, Pantomime, Musical Theatre, Physical Theatre, Mime, Puppetry, Game show, Improvisation, etc.
  • Dance - a variety of dance styles within the show: e.g. Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop, etc.
  • Music - a variety of music styles in the show: e.g. Pop, Hip Hop, RnB, Rap, Rock, Folk, etc;
  • Puppetry - a variety of puppetry styles in the show: e.g. Shadow puppetry, Hand puppetry, Marionette / String puppetry, Board puppetry.
  • Mask - e.g. Whole face masks, part face masks, noses, animals, etc.
  • Painted sets - Painted on fabric, plywood, cardboard & paper.
  • Digital elements - integrated into the performance are huge bright images of the book, digital images of sets, animations, explosions & lighting displays, creating an incredible viewing experience for the students. The virtual incursion will also utilise green screen technology to incorporate more digital imagery into the production.
  • DMX coloured stage lighting - the very latest DMX coloured stage lighting is used throughout the show to create intense & dynamic atmosphere throughout the performance.
  • Professional sound system - a top of the line DPA radio headset microphone matched with the pro Shure bodypack are used to ensure crystal clear sound from the performer in the virtual incursion, along with full stereo sound;
  • Audience participation - Students are used throughout the show to both participate in the audience (responding, singing or dancing along, creating scenes in the audience) and the recording can be paused for teachers to facilitate this;
  • Full FAQ session - after the show a full "Frequently Asked Questions" session takes place led by "Tony Bones" Appleby B.Ed, a qualified teacher with over 16 years experience running these sessions. Tony discusses in depth why he made certain decisions when creating the show (e.g. adding scenes or slightly changing them from the book, sets used, etc), and shows students how the props, sets, puppets, costumes, projections & sound were created for the show, as well as discussing the writing of the script & composing of the songs & music. Extra questions can be emailed to Tony after viewing the show & he will send back video clips of him answering the questions within 24 hours;
  • Lesson plans for teachers - Mountains of pre-show & follow up activities are available for all year levels.

So why should you book with Books To Life?
  • A track record second to none! Director, writer & performer "Tony Bones" Appleby B.Ed has been writing, directing & touring Theatre In Education shows since 1999. He has created 46 Theatre In Education shows, 39 of those being Book Week shows, 20 of those being Picture Book shows. Check out thousands of testimonials from other happy teachers who have seen his Book Week picture book shows here!!
  • Qualified & experienced performing arts school teachers creating & performing the content! "Tony Bones" Appleby B.Ed writes, directs, choreographs, designs & performs the show & for 2024 he is yet again co-writing the music with Natalie Calia Dip.Ed. Both have a long history teaching The Arts in Australian schools, Tony in Drama & Dance and Natalie in Drama & Music.
  • All 5 of The Arts learning areas are covered extensively in the show! Drama, dance, music, visual arts & media arts are all deeply explored in a variety of ways throughout the show, not simply Drama or Music. This covers more learning areas for your students.
  • A state-of-the-art technical elements in the virtual performance that brings a true theatre experience to your students at school! greenscreen technology to put the characters into the story and truly bring "Books To Life", multiple DMX coloured stage lights, full audio setup with radio headset microphone & handheld mics for students, all programmed & sequenced via QLAB software, with painted & digital sets, props & costumes. All cutting-edge technology & we even show you how you can use the same tech simply for your school productions. Our virtual production also incorporates the industry's latest green-screen technology filmed with 5K cameras to give your students the clearest, most immersive experience imaginable.
  • The very best theatre in education experience for every single year level at your primary school! Don't believe us? Read what the teachers say here!
  • A percentage of the performance fee goes directly to the book's author-illustrator! Books To Life always has and always will pay royalties to the author-illustrators of our source material, supporting Australian literature and artists into the future. We also always pay royalties to all of our original music co-creators rather than simply playing fee-free karaoke tracks of existing pop music. As registered APRA members, you'll be supporting Australian music creators into the future too.

So what do you get with a Books To Life show?

  • Theatre In Education for Australian students at the very highest level!
  • A stage performance or virtual incursion for kids to complement your school's CBCA 2024 Book Week parade!
  • A stage show or virtual show for primary students that will astound the entire audience!
  • Children's Theatre that sets the new standard for Australia & New Zealand for the 2024 Book Week season!

    To make a booking or enquiry, simply press the GREEN Enquiry/Booking Request Button above right to directly contact the booking team. They will answer you promptly to discuss your booking including when payment will be required.

    Shows for Schools not only gathers all the great available shows, it also makes booking easier!

More Reviews

"Thank you. The students enjoyed the performance and our Year 6 students did an excellent job. Thanks again"

"Thank you so much for your amazing show. Having never participated or seen one of your performances we were amazed and definitely enjoyed using the props you suggested"

"As previously, the interactive show this year was fantastic!"

"Our kindergarten class watched the show this afternoon (with the rest of the school to watch tomorrow)... Kinder loved it and thought you were talking directly to them!"

Show Details



Year Level Suitability

Prep-2 to 3-6

Curriculum area

The Arts - Dance, The Arts - Drama, The Arts - Media Arts, The Arts - Music, The Arts - Visual Arts, English, Civics And Citizenship


Book Week 2024, Visual Art, Drama, Literacy, Puppetry, Comedy, Primary, Virtual, Incursion, Performance.


Comedy, Dance, Drama, Film, Music Theatre, Physical Theatre, Puppetry, Visual Arts


40 minutes plus the optional 20-minute FAQ video


In Book Week itself $6.55+GST/student, Any other week $5.95+GST/student (minimum 120 students or for schools with less than 120 students it is simply 80% of the entire school enrolment + a $25 booking fee - perfect for smaller schools!)

School Term:
Term 3, Term 4


The interactive virtual incursion is available to all of Australia & New Zealand

PRESS the green button to directly contact the booking team!

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