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Vic Opposition Leader suggesting schools function during lockdowns

21 July 2021

Is it just that they're slow on the uptake or is it simply about scoring political points? Clearly this may have been an argument worth considering last year, when very few children caught the virus. However, why on earth suggest it now when several schools in Sydney and Melbourne have been shut post student infection? And also, why suggest it when his Federal Liberal colleagues have so completely mismanaged the vaccine roll out? 

We can't have teachers teaching without vaccination, but when they are vaccinated, probably a large proportion of the population will also be vaccinated.

The comment must have been an attempt to score a political point, nothing to do with actually managing this crisis. It's so disappointing.

Is the COVID vaccine rollout the greatest public policy failure in recent Australian History? This article in today's Conversation says yes it is a significant failure, but given that eventually the vaccine will be rolled out, compared to climate change, where no leadership or policy has emerged, that is the greatest failure.

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