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Over 120,000 have been booked by teachers into our events so far this year.

23 October 2019

Thanks heaps for your support of the arts and SFS! We hope we make your life easier.

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Listening to music while studying - helpful or not?

21 October 2019

It seems that research has revealed that it's good for you to listen to if it puts you in a good mood. So, parents beware of criticising your kids who do this.

The Mozart effect that suggested listening to classical music was helpful has since been clarified, that it's not that particular music, but more the effect on mood.

Apart from music with lyrics, words tend to distract attention, and if the music isn't too fast or loud, it seems that listening to music can help performance. There is one rider, introverts are more distracted by it than extroverts.

More details here

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First week of Term 4 done

18 October 2019

Or second week in some cases. We're on the home stretch. Don't forget to get your Term 4 and 2020 bookings in asap.

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World Mental Health Day today.

10 October 2019

Take a moment to reflect on your own health and that of people in your world.

Some info here

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Congratulations to La Mama

9 October 2019

La Mama, the iconic small independent theatre in Carlton, Melbourne, that has nurtured hundreds of theatre makers over many years, burned down in May last year. La Mama have just announced they have raised over $3million to rebuild it!!! Thanks to the Victorian State Government, philanthropic trusts and anonymous donors.

This is a great day for the Arts.

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Welcome to Term 4 Queenslanders!

8 October 2019

Join the Vics.

Another week of term holidays for everyone else.

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Australia Council Arts Leadership Programs

29 September 2019

Interested in furthering your career in the arts as a leader in your field?

Why not apply for either the Arts Leaders 2020 scheme for mid-career artists

or the Future Leaders 2020 for emerging artists

Read more

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Spring Equinox today!

22 September 2019

Yay - daylight will be longer than dark from now!

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Last Day of School for Victoria and Queensland Schools!

20 September 2019

Already! Have a great break.

Other states and territories will follow next week.

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SFS September enews out today for NSW teachers. Lucky!

17 September 2019

Not a subscriber??? Go here

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Latest Presenter Profile

13 September 2019

Melbourne Symphony Orchestra have a wide range of offerings for students from Kinder to Year 12. 

Check them all out here.

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Bogan - a word enshrined in the Australian language but where did it start??

2 September 2019

The history of the word has been mysterious but new light may have been shed. Did it start life at one of Melbourne's elite schools? That is, at Xavier College in the 80's?

Read the article here

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