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Victorian schools back.

28 July 2021

Another year of disruption for Vic and NSW, and some for SA, especially for Year 12 students. And for teachers working from home, teaching other kids while their kids are at home, too.

A positive outcome of this situation is that many parents have changed their attitude to teachers. They now understand what teaching is from the perspective of trying to teach. Until then, parents often still had a perspective on teachers from their days as a student, so lacking insight and comprehension of the complexity of the role. That's changed!

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Vic Opposition Leader suggesting schools function during lockdowns

21 July 2021

Is it just that they're slow on the uptake or is it simply about scoring political points? Clearly this may have been an argument worth considering last year, when very few children caught the virus. However, why on earth suggest it now when several schools in Sydney and Melbourne have been shut post student infection? And also, why suggest it when his Federal Liberal colleagues have so completely mismanaged the vaccine roll out? 

We can't have teachers teaching without vaccination, but when they are vaccinated, probably a large proportion of the population will also be vaccinated.

The comment must have been an attempt to score a political point, nothing to do with actually managing this crisis. It's so disappointing.

Is the COVID vaccine rollout the greatest public policy failure in recent Australian History? This article in today's Conversation says yes it is a significant failure, but given that eventually the vaccine will be rolled out, compared to climate change, where no leadership or policy has emerged, that is the greatest failure.

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Nearly half the population in lockdown

19 July 2021

Despite the current situation, we hope we can all keep planning for the future. Teachers, please reschedule all the events that have been cancelled due to COVID. Our artists do not have the luxury of regular salaries. These latest lockdowns are such a blow.

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Sydney and Victoria locked down

16 July 2021

Thinking of teachers and students in Victoria who have instantly gone back to remote learning and of all the small arts companies who were expecting to perform in schools today and next week. 

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Bastille Day

14 July 2021

Bizarrely, this has the dual meaning in France, whereas in the English speaking world we tend to think of it as simply commemorating the French Revolution.

"The French can project their own understanding of what is being celebrated. They can choose between the storming of the Bastille and the people; the Fête de la Fédération and national unity; and everything in between.

Or they can simply enjoy a day off and admire the fireworks with their friends and family, oblivious to the complex story behind July 14." From The Conversation

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Book Week next month

13 July 2021

There are Book Week shows available in all States and Territories. And for those facing lockdown or who are in remote locations, there are also several excellent online options. To refine the Search, simply put your postcode in as well as the words Book Week.

Image: #Hello Lighthouse, Books to Life, VIRTUAL incursion

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Schools in some states start Term 3!

12 July 2021

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All Australian schools on holiday!

5 July 2021

At last. One week where we all coincide.

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4 July 2021

Lots of great events around the country. Hope you can take part.

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Last Day of the Financial Year!

30 June 2021

We're half-way.

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The start of longer days!

22 June 2021

Let's enjoy those extra moments of daylight each day. 

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Holidays at hand

15 June 2021

Depending on your state - this week or next. Get those bookings in soon.

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