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SFS on holiday

7 January 2022

Most of the Shows For Schools team are taking a well-deserved break until January 10. We will respond to all emails, but it may be slower than ususal. 

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Finally last day of school for Vic, NSW & ACT !

17 December 2021

diving_for_PEARLS.jpgAll of Australia on holiday. Have a wonderful Christmas break!

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First day of Summer

1 December 2021



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South Australian Emerging Choreographers

20 November 2021

Great opportunity to become an Associate Artist with SA's prestigious Australian Dance Theatre.

Details here

Applications close 17 December.

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Grants for Creative Workers Open in Victoria

12 November 2021

Applications close 22 November. Details here.

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Emus or Cassowaries - who'd win a fight?

2 November 2021

Fun and interesting article in The Conversation, imagining a bout between these two left overs of the dinosaur era.They are two of the three largest prehistoric birds left on the planet.

How do they match up? Well the Cassowary is heavier, it's claws extremely powerful and it's very protective of it's territory. It would easily win.IMAGE_OF_CASSOWARY.jpeg

But what would it win? It would win a one on one match up with an emu. But what of the sister species vs sister species? The emu is the hands down winner for adaptability. It roams the country, in fact the only territory it doesn't like is the dense rainforest preferred by the cassowary. That environment is getting smaller. In contrast, the emu's adaptability to a range of environments plus its speed makes it a brilliant survivor. 

The article mentions the Great Emu War of 1932. Australian military personel were employed to mow emus down with machine guns to reduce numbers on pastoral land. The emus outran and outmanoevred all attempts to control them. Go emus!

Read the article here

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Pandemic Changes in Teacher Booking Patterns

15 October 2021


The pandemic has completely upended schooling in some states and certainly caused disruptions in most.
Teachers were once notable for booking excursions and incursions way in advance. It wasn't unusual for SFS to receive booking enquires for 18 months hence. That completely changed last year of course. Teachers had no confidence in the distant future being predictable, so most bookings were made only weeks in advance, if that.
Both artists and teachers in Victoria, in particular, grew understandably tired of rescheduling a rescheduled performance
Artists who had a full year of work last year found they had none. This year has seen little change in Victoria as well as seeing artists in NSW diabolically affected.
On the bright side, bookings for 2022 are starting to flow as well as for Term 4. Perhaps some confidence is returning. We just hope artists have managed to sustain themselves and want to stay in the sector.
Image: From "Phillpe et Jacques" Popular Melbourne performer of French, Italian and Bush Music shows, Phil Carroll, who hasn't taken his work for schools online. Bookings are open for next year! 

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All schools will be back for Term 4 this week.

11 October 2021

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Term 4 and 2022

11 October 2021

Whether you can only book online offerings for Term 4, or whether you can book live events, now's the time to gt those bookings in, to secure your most ideal dates. Schools are even booking for 2022, which we all hope will be less disrupted.


Image: Junklandia - live and online for all year levels.

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Last weekend of holidays for half the country

1 October 2021

And the start of second month of Spring. 

Let's hope that Term 4 see a return to normal classes for those in NSW, ACT and VIC.

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All on School Holidays!

27 September 2021

One of the rare weeks during the year, where all are on school holidays simultaneously.


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Last week of Term 3 for those still at school.

20 September 2021

Now is a great time to get in your bookings for Term 4!

Holidays for Vic, NSW & ACT as well as a less locked down, QLD.

Image: # A Visit to the Laneway Theatre - online incursion 



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