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Book Week next month

13 July 2021

There are Book Week shows available in all States and Territories. And for those facing lockdown or who are in remote locations, there are also several excellent online options. To refine the Search, simply put your postcode in as well as the words Book Week.

Image: #Hello Lighthouse, Books to Life, VIRTUAL incursion

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Schools in some states start Term 3!

12 July 2021

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All Australian schools on holiday!

5 July 2021

At last. One week where we all coincide.

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4 July 2021

Lots of great events around the country. Hope you can take part.

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Last Day of the Financial Year!

30 June 2021

We're half-way.

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The start of longer days!

22 June 2021

Let's enjoy those extra moments of daylight each day. 

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Holidays at hand

15 June 2021

Depending on your state - this week or next. Get those bookings in soon.

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Nearly the end of term

10 June 2021

It's a great time to get in your bookings for the rest of the year.

Image: Operation Empathy, Values for Life, available nationally.

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Regional Victorians released from lockdown today.

4 June 2021

We're all thinking about the people in Melbourne and thanking them for adhering to another week of lockdown meansures. 

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First Day of Winter!

1 June 2021

Well, it's not actually that bad in Australia, but we love the image. Keep warm.

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How to Search on SFS

24 May 2021

if you're looking for a show, it's best to use the Search in the body of the Home Page. This allows you put in some details that will limit the search. Putting in your postcode is especially useful. 

The Search in the header of the Home Page will not display shows unless you put the word show in as well as any other word. Otherwise, this Search will simply articles where the word you searched on appears.

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World Bee Day

20 May 2021


The main purpose of World Bee Day events is to spread awareness of the significance of bees and other pollinators for our survival.
Bees are amazing. Bee Facts: Did you know the bees that guard the hive stand on their hind legs? Or that they can recognise human faces?

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