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Thinking of all the people dislocated by the NSW floods.

24 March 2021

Yet another disruption to the school year. Fires, Covid and Floods in a year is beyond what people should have to cope with.

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Happy St Patrick's Day!

17 March 2021

Raise a glass and wear the green

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International Women's Day Today

8 March 2021

That's worth celebrating!

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Public Holiday today in ACT, Vic, Tas and SA.

8 March 2021

Of course, the public holiday is for different reasons. Adelaide Day, Canberra Day and both Tassie and Vic celebrate the 8 Hour Day. Called Labour Day in Vic.

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First Day Of Autumn

1 March 2021

New season. More optimism

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Latest Presenter Profile

19 February 2021

Jollybops Science Shows are an award-winning incursion company, focussing,( yes you guessed!), on Science Shows for Primary students. Check them all out here.

Canberra Theatre Centre provides world class performing arts and entertainment. Their Discovery & Learning Team provides resources around all relevant productions. See their schools offer here.

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Now it's Victoria's turn for a little lockdown...

13 February 2021

Hope it is only 5 days

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Here we go! Everyone back at school

8 February 2021

That's all Australia back at school including the schools locked down in WA last week.

Fingers crossed for a year with less disruption.

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First week of everyone at school - tick!

5 February 2021

Give or take those in lockdown. Will this be our ongoing experience this year? It's looking likely, isn't it?

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Garry Ginivan honoured in Australia Day Awards

2 February 2021

SFS was very happy to see this award.

Garry Ginivan AM

Entrepreneur, producer, writer, director, performer, colleague and friend.

Garry was a one man powerhouse, dedicated to creating quality musicals for children. Experienced in producing, his shows could play both the Arts Centre Melbourne's big stages, then tour nationally with the set adaptable to fit some of the small, regional stages. Children and families, Australia-wide, looked forward to his shows. Possum Magic, Wombat Stew, My Grandma Lived in Gooligulch, We're Going On A Bear Hunt were some of his more recent productions.


Scenes from Possum Magic -  Winner of a Helpmann Award for Best Presentation for Children. It had many national tours playing to almost 1 million people! 

Countless children had their first experience of theatre at one of his shows. Teachers loved them because they could rely on them being excellent. In fact, we know his shows changed children's lives - engaging them in a way that only good theatre can. 


Image above: scene from My Grandma Lived in Gooligulch

Theatre managers also loved buying a Garry Ginivan Attraction production. To illustrate their esteem, Garry won the inaugural Drover Touring Legend award in 2004, voted by theatre managers, celebrating the professionalism of the company. Whatsmore, the shows reliably filled the house and left the audience keen to go to more theatre. 

And of course, if you make lots of shows, you cast lots of performers. Garry had a reputation as being a demanding director. Each actor would arrive at the first day of rehearsal with their book learnt. No one wanted Garry's ire. But he really looked after his artists and crew and they loved him for it. Dozens of arts workers got their start with GG.


Image: Cast in Wombat Stew

Remarkably, in his 30 odd years of producing, his productions played to over 2 million Australians. This is an amazing feat. 

Garry died suddenly a year ago. He never knew that friends had put together an application for him to receive an Australian honour. We reckon he would have been chuffed - in a grumpy GG way.

We all miss him.


Top Image : Garry Ginivan with SFS' Karen Keegan in front of the Possum Magic set. Garry and Karen collaborated on many projects, including forming a company with Graeme Base to produce My Grandma Lived in Gooligulch.

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Vic & Qld back this week. Why???

27 January 2021

Our state and territory education systems are not in sync with each other.

What is the point of Queensland and Victoria starting this week?

It seems particularly cruel for the Victorian teachers who not only had the worst year ever in 2020, but who, as always, face the longest teaching year of all. Queensland finishes a week earlier in December. 

What on earth is the point?

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Hope you're all enjoying a long weekend!

25 January 2021

It's ideal when a public holiday falls on a Tuesday or Thursday.

Will be very interesting to see what the future holds for tomorrow's public holiday. 

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