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Ok! August

3 August 2020

Last month of winter. We're thinking of all the Victorian schools soon to go back to remote learning, while the rest of the country is doing quite well. And it's cold there, too.

Image: Maybe a slight exaggeration of the weather in Vic, but certainly life is going to feel frozen.

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Artsworker? Under 26? Arts Company? In SA? Apply to CARCLEW

23 July 2020

Grants for individuals and companies are open now. Go here for details

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Back to school today for most

20 July 2020

Hope it's a better term than the last one

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Bastille Day!

14 July 2020

Hope you enjoyed your croissants this morning. Vive la revolution! But what does that mean today?

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Back to school today for Queensland and Regional Victoria.

13 July 2020

Almost normal for these schools, but think of the Melbourne schools who have another week of holidays before resuming remote learning. Tough!

Year 11 & 12 students in Melbourne are back to school at least. Good luck to all.

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Spare a thought for Melbourne teachers

8 July 2020

Our thoughts are with all the Melbourne teachers who are now facing lots of disruption again this term.

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NAIDOC week now in Term 4

7 July 2020

Term 4 is looking like THE term!

New NAIDOC dates Sunday 8 - Sunday 15 November. Lots of incursion options on SFS

Image: Aboriginal Science - Fire, Flight & Sound

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At last, all of Australia is on school holidays.

6 July 2020

Hope you teachers enjoyed your sleep-in and have a chance to have a break, these holidays.

You really deserve it.

Spare a thought for the Victorian teachers who are unsure whether they'll be teaching remotely again next term.

One thing we've noticed is that parents have alot more respect for teachers, having had the experience of trying to teach their own kids.

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July 1 - Start of the second six months of 2020

1 July 2020

Let's hope it's better than the catastrophic first 6 months!

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Shortest Day for us in the Southern Hemisphere

21 June 2020

Little difference for those in the Tropics, but for the rest of us, more daylight is good! Very good!

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Nearly at the end of this bizarre term.

17 June 2020

Planning for the rest of a more "normal" year is happening. Use our great shows/workshops to inspire your students - live or virtually.

Image: Mix it up - Chemistry for K-2 , Jollybops Scinece (NSW, QLD, ACT, VIC,SA)

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Teachers are starting to book live shows again.

11 June 2020

Lots to choose from on SFS, hurry if you're interested in a Term 4 show

Image: Ciao, Italy!, EPR Productions, incursion

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