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20 January 2021

Black Swan State Theatre Company of WA has another brilliant offering in 2021. Some rescheduled events are back. See the entire season here. 

Image: Maali Festival, free to attend.

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How is it that holidays go so quickly?

15 January 2021

Well, they do for adults! Only two weeks or so until 2021 school year starts. Canny teachers are booking for HarmonyNaidoc and Book weeks now. We have to be optimistic!

Just go here and use our search to find the best event for your students.

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Yay January 1, 2021!

1 January 2021

Happy New Year to all

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Almost 2021.

31 December 2020

Definitely time to put 2020 to bed.

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Merry Xmas!

25 December 2020

Enjoy this day, with best wishes from all at SFS

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That's a wrap. 2020 School Year Done.

19 December 2020

Have a brilliant, relaxing Christmas break, everyone.

SFS is open in January, so please keep booking events, as you continue planning for a better 2021. 

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Arts opportunity for Artists and Schools in Victoria

7 December 2020

Regional Arts Victoria is organising their Creative Workers in Schools program again. It's a great opportunity for artists to build a relationship with schools  and develop interesting projects with students over a 6 month period. For schools, it's an arts bonus! Details here

Image: well it's a class of NSW puppetmaker Julie Zomers - who'll bring puppet workshops to NSW schools. 

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Adelaide Festival 2021 Announced

4 December 2020

Dates: Feb 26 - Mar 14, 2021.

Lots of actual live events!! How exciting. The Arts are back.

Go here for details.

Image: The Pulse, Gravity & Other Myths

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First day of Summer

1 December 2020


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Melbournians - an arts festival that's on! Live & Virtually

23 November 2020

Good on the Melbourne Fringe Festival for getting a festival together. It's tag line is perfect - Art of the Impossible. On until November 29.

Given the virtual offerings, anyone can access those events. Let's support them.

Details here

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Virtual Book Week Show A Winner!

19 November 2020

We spent a very enjoyable afternoon in the office watching Books to Life's adaptation  of Sophie Blackall's "Hello Lighthouse." What was to be a National Tour became a virtual production when the company was stranded in Victoria.

We absolutely loved the show. The integration of the book into the story, the singing, the acting and high quality production values, more than brought this book to life. It was excellent. 

Along with a link to the show, the company includes the reading of the story by the author, lots of ideas for props that the students can have with them when they're participating in the show and a link to a 45 minute Q & A that can be accessed when convenient.

Tony Appleby's long experience as a performer and writer, along with his teaching background has informed the creation of a show that is valuable in it's own right. It shouldn't be seen as a video of an incursion, rather it's a new form, and unlike live incursions, it's available wherever you are. 

We hope companies like Books to Life consider offering a virtual incursion of their work in the future. No one company can get to all the schools that would like a show, this way they can.

Go here for details.

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New Dates for Australian Dance Collective event

16 November 2020

Delayed, of course, during Covid restrictions, the work THREE is back! As well as some post-show Q&As, ADC have created an event around the work, especially for schools

THREE - Insight Matineee for schools, May 27 2021, 1pm. 

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