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Cultural Infusion


Our education, youth and community programs build cultural harmony and well-being through cultural presentations, workshops and engagement programs that act as a bridge to intercultural understanding.

Our programs are in-line with the national and state-wide curricula. We aim to provide fun, interactive access to trained presenters and artists to promote and support cultural diversity, inclusiveness, well-being and social harmony.

Company History

Since 2003, we have worked with diverse tools to enable the greatest number of people possible to experience vibrant cultural and inter-cultural arts and social initiatives. We reach an annual audience of more than 300,000 people, and have produced intercultural experiences at major events for organisations such as the United Nations and the Commonwealth Games.

Our full-time Aboriginal arts unit, Western Creation, provides schools programs throughout the year.

Further Information

Our engaging programs give your students an opportunity to interact with cultures from around the world and build appreciation of other people’s beliefs and lifestyles.

Our Multicultural All Day Program offers students a global experience for one whole day and is the perfect way to celebrate the cultural diversity within Australia. Celebrate with a choice of 5 programs by exploring one culture in depth or travel the world with a program from each continent. Alternatively you can choose any program that suits your cultural or linguistic units.

Internationally we run programs in Brazil, Cambodia, Egypt, India and South Africa, assisting children and young people from poor and impoverished areas.



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