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Dennis Clare

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Workshop 1 Primary and High schools
Students will learn the fundamental techniques of mime such as hand shapes and the picking up of objects, they will learn about weight and space in dealing with objects and also the illusions of mime like walking on the spot or leaning against an invisible wall, Dennis will demonstrate how to create these illusions and the techniques involved.
Inviting and involving a student at playing a game of tug of war with an invisible rope, Dennis teaches them how the body interacts with opposing forces creating a very visual illusion for all to see. Dennis will also teach how to isolate the body’s movement and how to use this technique to perform mechanical mime. All students love the illusions of mime which is now a strong element of hip hop and other dance forms.
Students are eager to learn mime because of it's visual appeal and the illusions which can be created, mime is one of the basic art forms taught as a principle in learning the art form of acting and it remains a fundamental art form in learning theatre techniques.

Workshop 2 - Primary and High school
Dennis introduces a weird and wonderful apparatus known as the giant slinky to the Students Inviting them to jump inside, Dennis teaches students how to create wonderful shapes as they watch each other wriggle and glide around the space, the students will learn the techniques used in working the giant slinky and how to move gracefully in it and create shapes as well as presenting a character through the most subtle movements as the students work with each other discovering this wonderful apparatus which helps them to explore their imaginations.

Workshop 3 - For High Schools only
I have given this workshop to professional actors, musicians and dancers
no matter what field your art is in if you are a performer on a stage then stage craft is for you. This workshop explores the fundamental elements of the relationship between actor and audience and the actors responsibility to the audience and to other actors, we will explore the relationship of the actor and theatre space, as well as nonverbal
communication. The new style of acting is naturalism so being in tune with your natural self is so important in this style and as it suggests it's what comes natural the only difference is it has to be created within the theatre space.

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Year Level Suitability

3-6 to 10-12

Curriculum area

The Arts - Dance, The Arts - Drama, English, Health And Physical Education


Mime, Visual Theatre, Acting, Movement, Story


Comedy, Dance, Drama, Physical Theatre


60 - 90 mins per workshop.


Small workshop - maximum of 30 students.- 1 hour - $450+gst = $495 - Demonstration workshop - minimum of 120 students - 1 hour @ $5+gst = $660 If 2 or more sessions are booked 20% discount applies.

School Term:
Term 1, Term 2, Term 3, Term 4


NSW including Sydney & Blue Mountains, Newcastle, Wollongong, Bathurst, Orange,
Interstate bookings throughout Australia welcome.

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