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Julie Zommers, a highly skilled puppetry educator visited our school for literacy week. She entertained our entire school, over 500 students, running 6 workshops over 2 days, every group was 90+ and ALL children were engaged. A brilliant presenter!
Gabbi Allaze, Rissalah College

OUTSTANDING! The Puppetry Workshop is such a wonderful and entertaining workshop for children and staff alike. The children were engaged throughout the entire workshop, I will be recommending this workshop to my colleagues.
Renee, Coomera Anglican College


Children are engaged throughout the whole workshop. Our focus is to include every child.

In the interactive segment, they delight in the antics of 'Harry the Hairy Gorilla' who has a problem with his manners, and love it every time Julie reaches into her bag to pull out another puppet... then another.

Children learn five skills:
  • Eye contact is important
  • How to connect with all the audience
  • Have fun and just do it!
  • Theatrical ways to create a great voice
  • Get the right mouth action
Children practice their newfound skills with Julie’s delightful family of 80 puppets, sourced from all around the world

Meet the presenter:
Julie Zommers is a Sydney-based children's author, playwright, performer, director and workshop presenter with over 35 years in the children's entertainment industry. As a former teacher, her sole intention is to inspire children to trust their creativity! Julie has written and produced 18 musical theatre shows, and has presented creative workshops to over 100,000 children during her career.

The Nitty Gritty:
Everything is provided for your Puppetry Workshop. All that is needed is an area for the children to sit and watch in the first segment of the workshop where we have the interactive performance, and enough tables for the children to stand around when they make their puppets in the second segment.


This workshop addresses many areas of the English and Creative Arts Curriculum.
• employ various speaking skills to give confident oral presentations, eg gesture, facial expression, pause, emphasis, volume, clarity through the medium of puppets
• communicate effectively for an increasing range of purposes, eg learning how to engage the audience
• listening to and following a short procedure, eg watching puppet making demonstration and then creating their own puppets.

Creative Arts:
  • sing songs, exploring their voice
  • story telling
  • following directions then creating their own puppet
  • drawing from their own experiences and imagination
  • take on roles to demonstrate feelings such as empathy, excitement, sadness and joy

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More Reviews

What an amazing incursion, covering most areas: emotional, creative & social. Julie’s professional presentation and enthusiasm made all children want to participate. We have had Julie every year over the last few years, and I'll always re-book.
Tina, Homebush Public School

Thank you for the wonderful Puppetry Incursion. Children of all ages were engrossed!!! Julie's choice of resources was unbelievable. She has a fantastic manner with the children and her great sense of fun was infectious. The children loved it!
Agnes from St Kevin’s Primary School

Julie is an outstanding presenter, warm, exciting, and wow, does she pack in the information in a fun way, motivating all children, even the older bored ones;) Her 30 years of experience with children shines through.
Kerrie Girard, Fun Day Out, Sydney

The Puppetry Workshop is such a wonderful and entertaining workshop for children and staff alike. The children were engaged throughout the entire workshop, I will be recommending this workshop to my colleagues. Outstanding.
Renee, Coomera Anglican College

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Year Level Suitability

Kinder to 3-6

Curriculum area

The Arts - Drama, The Arts - Media Arts, The Arts - Visual Arts, English


Puppetry, Puppets, Puppet Making, Performance Skills, Creative Art, Media, Drama, Confidence Building, Visual Arts


Drama, Puppetry, Visual Arts, Workshop


90 minutes


2 hour workshop: $13.20 per child. Min Fee $550 Max Fee: $950 (Audience limit: 90) 90 minute workshop: $10.50 per child. Min fee $550 Max Fee:$790 (Audience limit: 90) All prices include gst.

School Term:
Term 1, Term 2, Term 3, Term 4


Greater Sydney Area. Wollongong. Blue Mountains. Central Coast. Please note travel surcharge applies to some areas.

30 minute set up.

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