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Dreamer Dreamer Dreamer Dreamer Dreamer Dreamer

“ Truly stunning - magical and mesmerising! The students and I loved every moment of this spellbinding performance.”
Cath Benton, Ruyton Girls’ School, Kew. Vic.

“It transported us to another realm.”
Elizabeth Moore, Cottesloe Primary School, W.A

The show, Dreamer, is part of a series of wonderfully engaging, exquisitely
produced and magical pieces of black light puppet theatre and has recently been redesigned and constructed. The show gets its name from the main character, a curious, brave and childlike creature called ‘Dreamer’. Dreamer lives in a dreamlike world and travels, while asleep, in a
magic bed.

As in dreams nothing behaves quite as we expect; everyday objects and actions take on the surreal texture and possibility of dreams. When Dreamer's bed runs away, Dreamer uses his imagination and resilience to explore the challenges of this unpredictable world.
There is a row boat that rows through the clouds, a contrary staircase, fish serve as means of
transport and the sun and moon fight for space in the sky. Dreamer meets a
host of strange and humorous characters and objects, makes unusual friends
and has great fun in in his magical world.

Accompanied by an original sound track by Melbourne composer, John
Grant, this is puppet theatre to inspire the imagination for all age groups.

Style of Puppetry
The style of puppetry is black light combined with other lighting and experimental colour
effects, scrims, and manipulation of scale creating a detailed and vivid three dimensional
There is no spoken dialogue. The story is told visually with the support of original
soundtracks created especially for the Dreamer productions by Melbourne composer, John Grant.
The performances use black light and rod puppets within an enclosed booth. Although the
puppeteers are completely invisible, the puppets and props glow under the blacklight,
resulting in a magical and convincing illusion.

Teachers' notes with follow up activities and puppet designs are available upon booking.

This show was devised by Richard Hart of Dream Puppets.
Performer, puppet maker and puppeteer: Richard Hart; Composer and soundtrack: John Grant.
Dream Puppets have performed this award-winning show in schools, and at festivals in
Australia and overseas, including Japan, Israel, Italy, Singapore, Argentina and China (twice). The show received two awards at the China Nanchong International Puppet Art Week 2017, including the Visual Arts award.

Dreamer has been invited back to China in November 2018 for the Golden Magnolia International Festival in Shanghai and for the National Puppetry showcase in Langzhong.

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More Reviews

“Excellent. Couldn’t be better. Impressive. Children were enthralled.”
J. Cullen, Thurgoona Public School, N.S.W.

For me it was the highlight. Such beauty, such humour, such dramatic tension....a masterpiece of entertainment and artistic expression.
Gil Brealey, A.O. One Van Festival, Blackheath

"Great puppets and impressive scenes. The poetic narrative fitted in with our ‘imagination’ unit, especially the ‘fantasy world’ component. Very clever lighting effects, the students loved it."
Danny Mackenzie. Year 4. Trinity Lutheran Primary. Ashmore. QLD.

“It was what I hoped it would be and more. It delighted, surprised and challenged. The children oohed and aahed. An unforgettable experience.”
Nadja Slovak (Preps), St. Joseph’s Springvale. Vic.

Show Details



Year Level Suitability

Kinder to 3-6

Curriculum area

The Arts - Drama, The Arts - Visual Arts, Ict, Design & Technology.


Puppetry, Black Light Theatre, Visual Effects, Movement And Mime, Design And Lighting, Dreams, The Imagination, Fantasy World, Creativity, Resilience, Curiosity, Meeting Challenges, Friendship, Helping One Another.


Drama, Puppetry, Visual Arts


Performance runs for 45 minutes (plus question time afterwards)


$440 (inc.GST) for up to 100 students. $4.40 each for additional students. For large numbers, we can offer up to 3 shows a day

School Term:
Term 1, Term 2, Term 3, Term 4


Melbourne and within 150 km from the CBD. (Negotiable)

black light to be effective. SEMI DARKNESS IS SUFFICIENT. The performer will provide some free standing screens for windows.

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