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Seeing the play performed rather than just reading it is invaluable for our students' learning.
Teacher, Kyneton Secondary College

Invaluable when you are teaching a play for the students to see a live performance.
Lowana College

VCE English/EAL
Unit 3

Morality is not a straightforward business of good and evil.

In the age of climate change we are facing complex ethical questions. But the debate is not a binary contest between greenies and business interests or climate change exponents versus deniers. Throw in human drivers of lust, ambition, fear, loneliness and human folly and you have rich subject matter for discussion.

A wild, rainy night, a twist of fate and an injured tiger quoll bring together a passionate environmentalist and an unlikely good Samaritan. Both are hell-bent on saving the species, but intentions are murky. What will be compromised in the quest to save the quoll? Nothing is black and white in this intriguing story about love, death, money and power played out under the shadow of global warming.

Scenes and analysis are woven into an enriching performance that enables students to deepen their understanding of the ideas, issues and themes in the text.

"I wrote this play because I wanted to understand what it means that a species might go extinct in my lifetime. Just wink out of existence. I wanted to understand the human cost."– Hannie Rayson

In a return to 'Covid-Normal', we are offering this show both live and online.

What can you expect?
• High-quality, professionally performance either live in school, or streamed online.
• Post show discussion and analysis with the actors and director, Andrew Blackman.
• Comprehensive Teacher's Notes accompany the show.
• For virtual performance, easy access to the recordings is granted for 14 days so you can view the performance, to suit your classroom. The virtual platform allows you to pause, discuss and rewatch as required.

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Year Level Suitability


Curriculum area

The Arts - Drama, English


Conservation, Ecology, Idealism Vs. Pragmatism, Mortality, Sustainability, English, VCE




75 minutes, plus Q&A. 90 minutes recommended.


$18.00 per student. Minimum performance fee $2,160.00, based on 120 students or fewer.

School Term:
Term 1


Live shows in Metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria on request

Online, available all through Term 1 and Term 2.

REQUIREMENTS: Flat playing space, minimum 6x6 metres

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