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Victorian Opera's Beyond the Stage: Composing New Opera sees the elements of music come to life in the professional practice of composers, Kevin March and Simon Bruckard as they dissect their works Echo and Narcissus and Cassandra, over a series of video interviews.

This program is an online program. Teachers are invited to use the content how they wish and are encouraged to incorporate the activities in their lesson plans around the program. Be sure to watch the performances at the end of the program, so you can hear the music in the context of its performance.

Interview topics
In each interview, Kevin and Simon discuss a different topic around composing for opera, drawing from the score of their works.

Students will learn about:
  • the key characteristics of opera
  • the relationship between the libretto and score
  • the way in which each composer has employed compositional devices and considered the use of different elements of music
  • key considerations when composing for voice
  • the process behind orchestrating for an ensemble.

Ideal for students in Year 9-12 studying Music or Music Styles and Composition. As part of the program, you and your students will have access to:
  • Video interviews with the composers
  • A performance of Echo and Narcussis / Cassandra, available to view on-demand
  • Curriculum-aligned resources featuring hands-on activities.

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Year Level Suitability


Curriculum area

The Arts - Music



Lecture, Live Music, Music Theatre, Workshop


Each interview video is approx. 5-7 minutes in length. Echo and Narcissus and Cassandra are each 45 minutes long.


Digital access to Echo and Narcissus / Cassandra - $20 per school Access to the video series and resources - $5 per student

School Term:
Term 1, Term 2, Term 3, Term 4


Available to all Australian schools.

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