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Pandemic Changes in Teacher Booking Patterns

15 October 2021


The pandemic has completely upended schooling in some states and certainly caused disruptions in most.
Teachers were once notable for booking excursions and incursions way in advance. It wasn't unusual for SFS to receive booking enquires for 18 months hence. That completely changed last year of course. Teachers had no confidence in the distant future being predictable, so most bookings were made only weeks in advance, if that.
Both artists and teachers in Victoria, in particular, grew understandably tired of rescheduling a rescheduled performance
Artists who had a full year of work last year found they had none. This year has seen little change in Victoria as well as seeing artists in NSW diabolically affected.
On the bright side, bookings for 2022 are starting to flow as well as for Term 4. Perhaps some confidence is returning. We just hope artists have managed to sustain themselves and want to stay in the sector.
Image: From "Phillpe et Jacques" Popular Melbourne performer of French, Italian and Bush Music shows, Phil Carroll, who hasn't taken his work for schools online. Bookings are open for next year! 

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Latest Shows Added

14 October 2021

Now's the time to make sure you have events, online or live for this term! Dates are booking out fast, especially in December. 

Image: #Littlelight Virtual Show

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All schools will be back for Term 4 this week.

11 October 2021

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Term 4 and 2022

11 October 2021

Whether you can only book online offerings for Term 4, or whether you can book live events, now's the time to gt those bookings in, to secure your most ideal dates. Schools are even booking for 2022, which we all hope will be less disrupted.


Image: Junklandia - live and online for all year levels.

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Last weekend of holidays for half the country

1 October 2021

And the start of second month of Spring. 

Let's hope that Term 4 see a return to normal classes for those in NSW, ACT and VIC.

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All on School Holidays!

27 September 2021

One of the rare weeks during the year, where all are on school holidays simultaneously.


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Last week of Term 3 for those still at school.

20 September 2021

Now is a great time to get in your bookings for Term 4!

Holidays for Vic, NSW & ACT as well as a less locked down, QLD.

Image: # A Visit to the Laneway Theatre - online incursion 



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Covid, the arts and a snapshot of a small town

15 September 2021

image: WinterWild Apollo Bay's striking outdoor event - The Dogwatch

We're thinking of friends in the small coastal town of Apollo Bay on the Great Ocean Road in Victoria. The town has a Seafood Festival in February, a Writers Festival in July and a multi arts festival (WinterWild) in August/September. 

From March last year there were no festivals. This year, they attempted to run all three festivals and all looked like they would go ahead. Then, the Seafoood Festival was cancelled because of lockdown the day before it started, the Word Fest was cancelled becasue of lockdown 5, and, with lockdown 6, they couldn't go ahead with WinterWild

These festivals are organised by voluntary committees who take on months of planning to bring business to their largely tourist town and for the pleasure it brings the local community.

The WinterWild Festival was sold out. They are now saying it was the most successful festival that never happened. But, becasue it didn't happen, not only is there a lack of celebration in a community hard hit economically by covid, disappointment for all the work contributed by their committee but also, once again, artists have missed out on work.

Clearly, this scenario is playing out (pun intended) across the Eastern States. It is particularly devastating for artists. If you can support them by rescheduling your events, please do all you can to make that happen.

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Book Week Can Continue

9 September 2021

Many schools in lockdown are taking advantage of our virtual offerings. Why not continue Book Week for longer?

Image: Littlelight Virtual

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Please reschedule events rather than cancel them

26 August 2021

Incursion companies have lost tons of work already in this lockdown. If you can possibly reschedule, please do so, so you have the joy of the incursion and companies can recoup some of that lost income.

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SFS E news out soon.

18 August 2021

Not a subscriber? Go here!

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Regional Vic schools now back not allowed visitors

11 August 2021

No incursion companies can operate in Victorian schools except with online offers and it's been like that most of the term. Please reschedule your events.

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