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Start booking events for 2021

12 November 2020

Savvy teachers are getting in now and booking events for next year, especially for those popular events - Harmony Day, NAIDOC week, Book Week, Science Week and so forth. Even Victorian schools are booking live events. Optimism is emerging, even there.

Image: Chemistry Show - Mix It Up!, incursion, Jollybops Science ( 2020 - NSW, ACT. 2021 - Qld, NSW, ACT, Vic, SA)

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Remembrance Day

11 November 2020

Lest we forget

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9 November 2020

We hope you're in a position to celebrate it!

Image: Gene Blow, who offers two live shows, one online. Details here

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Adelaide Festival 2021 is on!

6 November 2020

The launch is next Thursday 19 March. You can register to watch online. Actual attendance is limited.

Festival Dates are 26 Feb - 14 March

Yes! The arts are back.

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Another Public Holiday for Sport in Victoria.

3 November 2020

It's Melbourne Cup Day. People will be wearing hats with their masks, but no one is allowed to go to the racecourse.

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New Month - November!

2 November 2020

This year has definitely disappeared. Maybe that's a good thing.

And happy world vegan day!

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Thinking ahead to 2021

29 October 2020

One of our favourite incursions ever is Shaun Parker and Company's The Yard. It will be touring into Sydney schools in Term 1, 2021. It's brilliant from both an artistic standpoint and deals with issues of bullying in an authentic way, based on research in Sydney schools. The stories are set in the school yard. Told through dance/movement. It's outstanding. 

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AFL Grand Final Day

24 October 2020

Poor old Victorians, with 2 Melbourne teams in their beloved Grand Final in Brisbane. It's just another blow they've had to suffer. At least a Vic team will win for them. Image: The Gabba, Brisbane

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Last day of Book Week!

23 October 2020

Hope it's been a fun week for you all. Because so many companies are offfering online options, if you haven't booked a show, check them all out here.

Image: Book Week in Schools, CBCA & Perform Education, incursion, live and virtual

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Happy World Statistics Day

20 October 2020

For some reason we find this amusing. 

We've had to listen to alot of "numbers" this year. We guess the day points out the usefulness of collecting and analysing statistics.

Here's a stat. This is only the second World Statistics Day. It started in 2010 and is every 5 years.

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One week of Term 4 for most students - Tick

16 October 2020

We hope you Victorians enjoyed the return to classroom learning.

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World Day of Disaster Reduction

13 October 2020

That would be good

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