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"Ideas reinforced brilliantly, completely in keeping with best teaching practice and brain theory. Absolutely engaging from R-7 – a challenge to achieve! .... The show provided staff with a common language we could all use and understand. VERY POWERFUL"
Newberry Park PS, Millicent, SA.

"Excellent... They are already using the strategies at morning tea today...Very impressed with the quality in every aspect of this performance!... Both very entertaining and educational."
St Anthony's PS, North Rockhampton, QLD

Bellamy the Bison lives in her enclosure at the zoo with her bullying brother Brutus and her bystander brothers. One day she decides she can’t take it anymore and heads out to explore the other enclosures in the zoo, hoping to find new ways to cope with what’s happening to her.

Along the way, she meets some brand-new friends who each have their own strategy for dealing with being bullied and making bad decisions in response to it. Each of the characters Bellamy meets provides a strategy to apply such us “Don’t Make Snap Decisions” and avoid responding emotionally, “rising above” the comments and trying to ignore them, find friends to hang out with instead, try to focus on the positive things about yourself. She also learns that standing up to bullying means being resilient and persistent.

Bellamy reflects on each of the strategies with the students, ensuring the idea is embedded with students before moving on to the next strategy.

Eventually Bellamy returns to her enclosure equipped with her newfound strategies. As she tries to implement them in the face of more bullying, her brothers choose to protect her from Brutus and become supportive bystanders.

Bully Bull Ring is written for students in Prep to Grade 6 and is designed to impart onto the students the same wisdom the animals give to Bellamy. Through a mixture of song, dance and puppetry, each of the animals teaches Bellamy how to use her emotional intelligence and to stand up for herself. Key topics we focus on include building respect, resilience, confidence and more, whilst always remaining upbeat and friendly.

Along the way we meet a rock-star lion who fancies himself as a stand up comedian! He encourages Bellamy to try to get along with people; an army General crocodile who advises Bellamy not to make snap decisions; a giraffe who teaches Bellamy to Rise Above It when faced with nasty comments; a Polar Bear who encourages Bellamy to find a “buddy” who will look after her and help her out when things don’t go to plan; an elephant who shows Bellamy how to find her confidence and an Orangutan who shows us that having one single strategy won’t work, you need to apply different strategies to different situations and links them to the five keys of Program Achieve.

Our performers take on multiple roles throughout the show and with a mixture of performance styles the action is dynamic and fast paced. We also have multiple opportunities for audience participation, keeping students engaged from the moment they enter the space. The action is designed to move around the whole space. This makes students refocus so they never have an opportunity to zone out.

“I liked the use of the entire space – not just the stage. The students were so engaged.” – Our Lady Queen of the Peace, Greystanes NSW

The show is designed to work within a multitude of already active bullying programs, including “Bully No Way!” Day, the National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence and the Better Buddies program. We also provide a comprehensive teachers resource pack, with activities for before and after the show, to keep discussion of our themes fresh in the minds of students.

We include a structured and informative Q&A session which supports the school’s delivery of the Critical and Creative Thinking curriculum. We discuss the themes raised in the show and support Inquiry Learning by discussing how we made the set, puppets, music, etc.

“Was great how it was run by you and not just the kids asking random questions. (10/10)” – Bargara State School, Bargara QLD

We also provide a free teachers resource pack to support our incursion both before and after we've been.

We provide all of the staging and sound requirements, all we need from you is a performance space 5m by 5m, plus enough room for the students to sit and watch the show.

To make a booking or enquiry, simply press the GREEN Enquiry/Booking Request Button above right to directly contact the booking team who will answer you promptly. Shows for Schools not only gathers all the great available shows, it also makes booking easier!

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"Fantastic performance as always… you have handled the bullying situation very professionally… The results have been very positive…. Superb singing, clever acting - a truly wonderful theatrical performance for our children to see... spectacular"
St Peter Apostle, Hoppers Crossing, VIC

"Good lessons that apply to (students) everyday activities"
Beaumaris Primary School, VIC

"A great way to connect Program Achieve to bullying"
Larmenier Catholic Primary School, TAS

"A strong message which was clearly understood"
Birchip School, VIC

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Year Level Suitability

Prep-2 to 3-6

Curriculum area

The Arts - Drama, The Arts - Music, Civics And Citizenship


Bullying, Problem Solving, Fitting In, Self Image, Resilience, Emotional Intelligence


Comedy, Dance, Drama, Music Theatre, Physical Theatre, Puppetry


45 minutes plus question & answer time.


$6.95 +GST per student (minimum show fee $799.25 +GST for first 115 students)

School Term:
Term 1, Term 2


Available Terms 1 & 2. 60 minutes including question & answer time. Minimum show fee of $799.25 (+GST). 45 minute set up, 45 minute pack up. Tours throughout ACT, NSW, QLD, SA & VIC.
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