Man Up? - pathways to positive masculinity

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"Fantastic session! The boys learnt some great life lessons and enjoyed the interactive element to the presentation."
Teacher, St Bernards Secondary College

"Made me feel less like I was being fed information, but shown a better way."
Year 7 student, Box Hill High School

The session examines the messages that young men receive about what manhood means and to encourage a positive outward-focused version to live by. The incursion discusses issues such as growing their character, responsibility, the need for role models, the importance of rites-of-passage, how they view and engage with females and how they contribute to their community.

Key concepts covered in the session:
  • Exploring cultural messages of manhood including stereotypes
  • Looking at factors in identity formation including peers, role models and individual values
  • Learning about emotions and becoming confident to experience and share feelings
  • Discussing how they view and engage with females
  • Promotion of the need to talk about personal struggles and challenges
  • Exploring rites-of-passage for young men and highlighting healthy ways in which they can became a responsible adult
  • Highlighting the importance of healthy self-worth
  • Defining what a real hero is - with the focus being on character rather than status
  • Promotion of resilient factors in adolescence
  • Encouraging students to seek good role-models and to consider their contribution they can make as a role-model

Student Incursion Details:
  • Each session includes a variety of games, music, drama, interactive activities, multi-media, etc. to maximise impact and student learning.
  • We provide follow-up material for teachers to extend the learning outcomes.
  • We also offer parent informations sessions

Student Incursion Details:
  • Sessions are interactive and involve a variety of activities, discussion and multi-media to engage and educate
  • We offer a range of options from a single session to several sessions for the same or different groups
  • Tailored to suit your school's specific needs, timetable and budget
  • Delivered by qualified and experienced teachers
  • Each session is aligned to the Australian Curriculum
  • Follow-up material is provided for teachers

Our aim is to provide learning outcomes that engender pro-social values, empathy and resilience through a lively combination of information and interaction. Our teams of qualified and experienced educators, using evidence-based research, impact over 30,000 students in over 170 schools each year.

We also offer the following topics for primary and secondary students:
Primary School Topics:
  • GREAT MATES - friendship skills
  • BULLY PROOF - anti-bullying & cyber-safety
  • LEAD THE WAY - leadership skills
  • CYBER SAVVY - cyber-safety & social networking
  • OPERATION EMPATHY - community & inclusion
  • DRUGS & ALCHOL - drug education
  • HIT THE GROUND RUNNING - transition to high school

Secondary School Topics:
  • COMMUNITY MATTERS - friends & building community
  • BULLY PROOF - anti-bullying & cyber-safety
  • PLUGGED IN - cyber-safety & social networking
  • LEAD THE WAY - leadership skills
  • DRUGS & ALCHOL - drug education
  • MAN UP? - manhood
  • MORE THAN SKIN DEEP - positive self-worth
  • THINGS THAT MATTER - developing priorities

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More Reviews

"Very engaging and effective! Students got immediate benefit - I was impressed by your energy and integrity."
Teacher, Caroline Chisholm Catholic College

"Students were engaged and could easily relate to the session. It helped to reinforce our school values as well as enable students to have empathy for others."
School Counsellor, Plenty Valley College

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Year Level Suitability

7-9 to 10-12

Curriculum area

English, Civics And Citizenship, Health And Physical Education


Growing Up, Resilience, Character, Role Models, Rites Of Passage, Secondary, Strategies, Problem-solving, Attitude, Community, Games, Stories, Drama, Interactive Activities


Lecture, Workshop


A single session is between 45 and 90 minutes (flexible to suit your timetable). We offer a range of options from a single session to several sessions for the same or different groups.


Costs are calculated per session (on a number of variables e.g. student numbers, location & number of sessions). Costs begin at: $450 (1 session); $850 (2 sessions); $1,000 (3 or more sessions). Contact us for a quick quote.

School Term:
Term 1, Term 2, Term 3, Term 4


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