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International Recognition for Dream Puppets

3 August 2017

Image above: Dream Puppets from their primary school production of The Tempest

Congrats to the Dream Puppets Company who participated in the Nanchong Puppetry Festival this year in June. They so impressed that they have been invited back to China in December for the 5th Quanzhou Puppetry Festival.

This is a small incursion company (2 people, Richard Hart and Julia Davis) who perform in schools but whose work is of a great standard. It's marvellous to see their work being recognised and lauded. They are based in Victoria, but will be performing in Sydney in the September school holidays.

Image below - Dream Puppets at the Nanchong festival. Puppet Companies from around the world  were welcomed as competing troupes and were judged on their presentations.    



Image below: The Opening Ceremony in Nanchong



Dream Puppets are currently touring two shows for Primary students. Dreamer in the Deep (image below) and The Tempest.


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